By Nna Anulumadu

The former Presidential candidate Pat Utomi on April 16th 2022 leads over 200 youths in prayer procession, urging them to obtain their voters cards and assist in installing a new transformative government in 2023.

The prayers procession which took place at bridge head Onitsha witnessed the presence of dozen of Youths with candle light, chanting songs of hope.

Utomi who described the youths as the light of the nation charged them to be the light that will bring about the change Nigerian citizens are yearning for.

His words ” I am excited to be with you this afternoon. Easter Sunday is the most powerful date in any calender, the day light came into the world. In the pursuit of bringing light to our country that seems to be sliding into darkness in so many ways, It is sacrosanct to remind our youth that you are truly the light of the nation. Very often, they say to you that you are leaders of tomorrow, but dont believe them because you are leaders of now, since tomorrow begins today .

” And part of that light is understanding and you cannot make a difference if you don’t have full understanding of the circumstances of why we are being challenged in Nigeria. I come that we may be partners and together light up our country with clear thinking, commitment to service of the people. In Genesis 2, 15 we are commissioned to be co-creators with God, moving creation into His perfection. What the young people are gifted with is the talent to make that difference . We talk this days about the modem world being the outcome of aristocracy of talent of people who because they are truly talented can change their world. Our country needs to go to people who are talented so that they can transform the country. So we must push darkness backwards.

” We should manage our country to be better than yesterday. Don’t wait for Messiah from some where. There is Messiah planted in the youths, in the universal dignity of the human person. Let us use it to transform our country, to make sure all your peers and mate register for vote, and make sure they vote for thinking people, so that the light of God will dismiss the darkness that seems to surround us today in Nigeria”.

He pledged to be part of people who will provide new leadership by working with the young, women, intellectuals, professional to form a new coalition that will lead Nigeria to the promise land.

Utomi described the prayer procecession as a symblic and re awakening call for Nigerians to take back their country, recreate and refresh it. According to him, the country has been been in a place of poor ethics, expressing worry that culture has collapsed in our country. ” Let the values shine forth in how we conduct our selves and we see the country from it.

He ended the speech with a song ” The light of God will shine. If the light of God shines, Nigeria will rise up again. God will heal our land and restore us a new.”


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