An Abuja base Bayelsa born Lawyer, political analyst and a business mogul. Chief Desmond C .Adams Esq, has described MR PETER OBI, as the most competent Igbo leader and by extension Southerner to become the opposition party’s (PDP)2023 presidential candidate.Barr. Desmond C. Adams, in addressing, his fellow young Lawyer’s on Wednesday at the launching of the newly formed Abuja-FCT Chapter of the Young Lawyers Agenda for Mr Peter OBI 2023, disclosed that there is no leader in the entire Southern Nigeria who can beat Peter OBI’s achievements,credentials and exposure, hence, the decision of the group to work for his emergence as the PDP presidential candidate come 2023.The Lawyer explained that the choice of MR PETER OBI, was as a result of his immense contributions to the development and master plan of Anambra with which subsequent governors are building on and the nation at large.As far as we know nobody should be talking about another candidate in the party (PDP). The IGBO’s everywhere in the world, it’s your time to come together as one big family for one purpose and the message is loud and clear, the next dispensation, we are clamouring for the emergence of an IGBO man as the next president of this country.We have searched through all major IGBO politicians, all are qualified no doubt but the best of them is Mr Peter OBI, and that is what has brought us together In unison, we are saying,MR PETER OBI should come out and run because his antecedent and credentials can’t be matched by any of the politicians on parade, we have their CV’s. “Peter Obi is the only Nigerian politician that does not have corruption on his neck and he is also good at wealth creation and management”.If he gets PDP ticket, youths across Nigeria will vote for him because Nigerian youths are tired of corrupt leaders.If this is not loud and clear enough for you, be rest assured you are one of the reasons why Nigeria is where we are today. This is the time to talk about the best hands we have , not regular roadside politicians. Last year I made a publication about two greater minds we have in Nigeria one is MR PETER OBI and the other one is the current president of Bank of Agriculture MR ADEWUNMI ADESINA unfortunately he’s not running or has not declared so we pitched our tent with MR PETER OBI. Let’s join hands together to build Nigeria of our dreams…Barr Desmond C. Adams.


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