1. Government keeps promise; delivers food items to Akpo community

2. COVID-19 pandemic not a death sentence — says Anambra Health Commissioner

3. APGA distributes food items to members in Ozubulu community                          

4. Ven Okwuosa joins fight against COVID-19, provide palliatives to Ekwusigo community

5. Omenugha expands `on air teaching’ junior secondary, primary schools too

6. Anambra lockdown: Nkpor residents in panic buying of food

Government keeps promise; delivers food items to Akpo community

By David Okpala/Stella Ifeoma Okpala

Akpo (Aguata LGA), April 14, 2020 (MOI) President-General, Akpo Development Association (ADA), Mr Caius Dim has commended the Government of Anambra State for keeping to its promise to deliver 200 bags of rice for the elderly, 70 and above.

 “The promise of 200 bags of rice to 181 communities of Anambra State has reached us in Akpo,’’ Mr Dim, the PG told Anambra State Information officers, who interviewed him in Akpo.

“We cannot thank the Governor enough. Our prayer is that God shall keep him safe for us.

“It is common knowledge that the rice did not get to all; it is to those 70 and above in the community. This is a good start,’’ the PG said.

Mr Dim said the commodities were shared to six villages of Akpo — Agbaelu, Uhuala, Ogbo, Umueze, Amaife and Udo.

Each of the villages received 33 bags of rice, a bag of salt and a carton of tin tomatoes, at the premises of Akpo Micro Finance Bank,where the sharing was held.

According to the PG, the current leadership offered by Governor has been worthy of emulation.

The PG noted that it was regrettable that efforts of Government of Anambra State working through Commissioner for Health, Dr Vincent Okpala toward ensuring that COVID-19 did not enter Anambra State failed.

He urged all to stay indoors; “it is not palatable, but let’s demonstrate understanding by making sacrifices to save life.

“So, stay at home as directed. Do not allow law enforcement agents to molest you. Willingly obey this order as it is for your own good. Save your life and those of your family members.

“I have spoken to Church leaders in Akpo Community. They have agreed to cooperate in keeping government directives.

“Do not put them into temptation by going to Church, stay at home and pray.

“Always listen to radio to get educated on what to do at every point with regard to COVID-19 pandemic,’’ Dim advised.

Mrs Udeanyinya Madueke who spoke on behalf of the elderly beneficiaries said: “Obiano will live to be old. He respects old age.

“God will reward him with long life and support his effort stopping the spread of Coronavirus in Anambra State.’’ (MOI)

COVID-19 pandemic not a death sentence — says Anambra Health Commissioner

By Ebele Egoh/Chukwudi Nwauba

Awka, April 14, 2020 (MOI) Anambra State Commissioner for Health, Dr Vincent Okpala says the current COVID-19 ravaging the world is dangerous but not a death sentence.

“Yes, there is a recorded index case. The disease is not a death sentence,’’ Dr Okpala said this while reacting to the case identified in the state.

The index case was currently being taken care of at the Protective Care Centre at the General Hospital, Onitsha.

He was speaking during interactive session at the Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), radio monitored in Awka, the Anambra State capital.

He said that of the 14 samples sent out, 13 came back negative while the 14th which came back last was positive.

He also re-assured Ndi Anambra that there was no cause for alarm since the identification and contact history of all secondary contacts was ongoing.

 “As at April 12, we have 28 contacts; the family, friends and business associates of the index case have all been contacted.

“We have also decontaminated all those facilities he had access to before we took index case to our Protective Care Centre, based on Nigeria Centre for Disease and Control (NCDC) and WHO guidelines.

“The state has no problem when it comes to tests, when you call our Emergency Operation Centre numbers and if we take samples, the result comes out within 24 to 48 hours,’’ he said.

Dr Okpala explained that it was the sole responsibility of NCDC to announce results of any case.

“If we collect the samples, fill the form and send to the Test Centre that is where the level of our control stops.

“The results will be sent to us, while the NCDC announces it to the public.

“It is not for the interest of the public to know who the victim is, but for that of the Health Ministry, which I am the head as the Commissioner.

The index case according to Okpala is receiving adequate care.

“I led the team that took the index case to the Protective Care Centre and I made sure the fellow was served the favourite food — plantain porridge and fish at around 7.30am before I left.

“I was there on April 12 to see and monitor the health status, and will also do that on a daily basis until the fellows recovers,’’ Okpala noted.

The state, he said was working so hard to have its own test machine which would be ready soon.

Dr Okpala pleaded with Ndi Anambra to stay at home noting that if all the measures were being applied religiously that the state would be free from getting more victims.

“The virus does not have legs, people move the virus, if you stay at home the virus will die.

“If you move, you move the virus, and it will continue to spread not only to Anambra but beyond the state.’’

The commissioner, then, urged Ndi Anambra to regularly wash their hands with soap under running water and to make use of alcohol- based hand sanitisers.

He also cautioned people to stop hand-shaking and maintain physical distancing as well as apply other measures given to them.

Dr Okpala re-assured the public that Government was already making and sincere efforts to secure and protect lives of citizens. (MOI)

APGA distributes food items to members in Ozubulu community                          

By Uchechukwu Molokwu/Ngozi Iwunze

Ozubulu (Ekwusigo LGA), April 14, 2020 (MOI) The All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Anambra State Chapter has donated some food and relief materials to its members at Ozubulu, Ekwusigo Local Government Area.

This is to support their `sit at home order’ by government toward the fight against spread of Coronavirus in the state.

State Chairman, Mr Norbert Obi while presenting the Items, said that the party would be distributing food items to all 21 LGAs of the state.

He told his ward members that the items were donated by the state chapter of the party and by other illustrious sons of Ozubulu.

The Items presented by the party include six cartons of noodles, a bag of beans, 38 bags of 10kg rice and 60 bottles of 100ml hand sanitiser.

The chairman said he was supporting with 100 cartons of noodles, 200 bags of 5kg rice, 4 bags of garri and 15 bottles of 250ml hand sanitisers.

“A party member and an indigene of the community, Mr Goddy Agbasi donated 4 bags of onions; Mr Maduka donated 150 tubers of yam, retired Col. Emmanuel Udeaja also donated 100 tubers of yam.

“Other donors are Mr Benjamin Duru, who donated a bag of beans; Mr Fabian Ilechukwu, two bags of onions. All are members and indigenes of Ozubulu.’’

Mr Obi urged his members to obey the governor’s sit-at-home directive so as to stay alive and stop the spread of the pandemic in the state.

He enjoined them to take all preventive measures given by health workers seriously, such as maintaining social distancing, avoiding handshakes, hugging, and washing of hands regularly with soap under running water.

Ward Chairman, Mr Joseph Nwoffor, commended the chairman and other donors for their kind gestures.

He promised that the items would be shared judiciously to all the members.

One of the beneficiaries, Mrs Ndidi Okonkwo expressed joy at the gifts adding that the exercise would help to put food on her table.

She prayed God to end the pandemic, so that people could resume their normal life. (MOl)

Ven Okwuosa joins fight against COVID-19, provide palliatives to Ekwusigo community

By Chinelo Ajulufo

Awka, April 14, 2020 (MOI) Managing Director, Awka Capital Territory Development Authority (ACTDA), Ven. Amaechi Okwuosa embarked on second phase distribution of palliatives to the indigents’ in his Ekwusigo community.

The package includes 20 cartons of hand sanitisers, 150 bags of rice, 10 bags of beans and 10 bags of garri.

Others are 50 cartons of noodles, 200 tubers of yams, some gallons of groundnut oil, and 2 cows to the indigents in Ekwusigo Local Government Area (LGA).

“The items are to help to cushion the effects of the current lockdown occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic.’’

The ACTDA boss, while giving out the packages to beneficiaries on April 11, explained that the total lockdown in different parts of the country was capable of causing untold hardships on everyone.

He cautioned all to adhere to all the directives from World Heath Organisation (WHO), Federal /State Governments as means of curbing the spread of the pandemic in no distant time. “We shall surely overcome and be victorious’’.

The reverend gentleman, who is also a lawyer, used the opportunity to appeal to religious bodies in Ekwusigo LGA and the entire Anambra State to follow the guidelines released by Government to overcome Coronavirus pandemic.

Ven Okwuosa prayed, “the good Lord is keeping watch over Anambra State’’.

Many beneficiaries, then, thanked God for the distribution of food. (MOI)

Omenugha expands `on air teaching’ junior secondary, primary schools too

By Tony Nezianya

Awka, April 14, 2020 (MOI) Commissioner for Basic Education, Prof. Kate Omenugha has directed that `on air teaching’ currently being broadcast by Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) be expanded to cover junior and primary school’s curricular.

Prof Omenugha told an Information Officer that the expansion had become necessary to also positively engage these junior categories.

“The Idea is also to keep them busy as well as `an Idle folk is a devil’s workshop’, is a wise saying in our communities.

“We are trying to build on the successes of what the programme that we launched to keep those senior secondary school’s children busy because they are preparing for external examinations soon,’’ Prof. Omenugha, a mass communication’s expert said.

She explained that the idea was born out a desire to let the children be learning as the sit-at-home order persisted.

The sit-at-home was occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world, including Nigeria, compelling federal and state Governments to close down schools.

“I have just directed that the programme for the juniors and primary schools be commenced right away. It has just taken off on ABS on April 14,’’ she said. (MOI)

Anambra lockdown: Nkpor residents in panic buying of food

By Nkeiruka Okongwu

Nkpor (Idemili North LGA), April 14, 2020 (MOI) Residents of Nkpor, Idemili North Local Government Area (LGA) have been caught in a frenzy of purchasing food stuff and other household needs to cope in the ongoing total lockdown over COVID-19 pandemic.

The lockdown was announced by Anambra State Government in response to an index case identified in the state.

Gov. Willie Obiano said the lockdown was being invoked to stop movement, which invariably would curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

At the Nkpor Main Market different people trooped in and out buying one thing or the other that they would need at home.

Speaking to Ngozi Edeh, a Housewife, she said: “I am buying all these things to make sure my children feed well within the two weeks of the lockdown.

“The sad part is that the money I am using to make the purchases of food stuff is not mine. It is the money I am keeping for Umuada meeting where I am Treasurer.

“I hope to replace as soon as this is over. At least let me and my household overcome this period,’’ she said.

Mrs Ugomma Okeudo, a Teacher, said that she virtually owed all food vendors that she patronised: “I will pay them back at end of the lockdown’’.

Mrs Ngozi Onuegbu, who was seen hurrying out of the market gate, when accosted, said that things were cheaper on the streets than inside the market.

“As I was coming into the market and priced a cup of Egusi at my street, it was N150 but the same sells for N300 in the market.

“Let me rush home to buy it before the information reaches them,’’ she said.

Mrs Mary Ugwuama, raw food vendor said: “my goods are costly because the prices of things are high; this is so that I will be able to make enough to buy my other needs’’.

In spite of all this panic buying, there are some people who claim they did not have money for shopping.

Uche Okwuora, a commercial tricycle operator was one of such people. “I have no money to buy anything’’.

When asked how he would cope, he said that he would depend on people for his feeding.

A sales lady at Upper Iweka Road, Onitsha Ngozi Azuanuka, went philosophical, saying: “God will be my provider during the lockdown period.

“I am looking unto God to provide for me; anything I see I will eat’’.

Mr John Oko, popularly known as ‘London’, a Wheel Barrow Pusher said: “this is the time government should provide for us because they are the ones that locked-down markets’’. (MOI)


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