With the rapid increase in Covid-19 infections across the country,there is great worry that things are really falling apart and that plans to contain the pandemic is becoming difficult by the day.
In one of its recent situation reports on Covid-19, an international NGO,the CLEEN foundation cautioned Nigerian authorities on the care-free attitude of its citizens on abuse of NCDC protocols.
The Foundation noted low compliance especially as it concerns the use of face masks,constant handwashing and use of hand sanitizers as well as maintaining physical distancing.
According to the Foundation, “the wearing of facemasks and other personal protective equipment in different parts of the country is gradually becoming a status symbol instead of part of the guideline to curb community transmission and stop the spread of the pandemic.”
With the look of things,poor public enlightenment, poverty and ignorance are the very cause of deliberate violation of government protocol on Covid-19.
It is common place to see Nigerian citizens making fun of their facemasks by hanging them around their necks and jaws.Some who try to use it at all do not cover their noses when actually the mouth and nose areas are the primary areas the masks are meant to cover to prevent the virus from getting into the body through the respiratory tracks.
There is a new invention of classy plastic face shield trending among Nigerian elites and the privileged.This type of face shield has been written off by the World Health Organisation as it does not guarantee protection of the wearer from Coronavirus.
The social distancing protocol has been thrown to the wind.
Our political leaders,church leaders and market leaders are to be held liable for complete failure of the social distance protocol.
The situation is so bad that with the upcoming campaigns and election in some states, caution has been thrown to the wind.
The stark realities of the earlier warning by WHO on what may become the faith of Africa if the pandemic explodes in the continent may be gradually manifesting.
Funerals,rallies,worshipping, crusades,nightclubbing are being held with impunity.Hiegene methods of hand washing and use of sanitizers have taken the back seat.
Transporters are back to carrying more than the prescribed number of passengers.It is unfortunate.
Right under the nose of authorities, the boundaries said to have been closed are now toll gates for security agents.
Those enforcing wearing of facemasks across various roads,parks and markets turn them into lucrative business and wake up every day to abduct those on facemasks and those without it.
There is no law that is capable of working in a country where both the governed and the government are insincere and incapable of working in harmony, obey the laws,rules and regulations and enforce same.
Something has to be done urgently for the citizens to retrace their steps inorder to evade the onslaught of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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