By our correspondent

The deputy governorship candidate for Accord party in Anambra state, Sir Kenneth Ifeatu Obi on Tuesday stated that the party’s governorship candidate Dr. Godwin Mmaduka if voted to power will not hesitate to conduct local government election in the state.

Sir Ifeatu Obi who disclosed this while chatting with Trinitas correspondent, posited that their administration will ensure total delivery of dividends of democracy to the grassroots, which will be greatly achieved through the conduct of local government election. He faulted APGA’s administration for neglecting the conduct of LG elections for years, adding that such ugly situation did not augur well with development at the community level in the state .

According to him, development at the grassroots without elected local government Chairman is a mirage and can not work.

On his reasons to for accepting to run with Dr Mmaduka as his deputy, Sir Ifeatu Obi revealed that they shared common vision for Anambra state, explaining that their common interest is to rescue the state from impending encomic disaster facing the state, stating that they are coming to start afresh and not to consolidate.

” Our administration will focus attention in education, job creation, Agriculture, industrialization, human infrastructure/ capacity building etc and our dear state will not have anything less than this. It won’t be business as usual because every resource in the state must be put to proper use. Without mincing words, Dr Mmaduka and my self are here to wipe away the tears of Anambrarians”.

On the insinuations that November 6th gubernatorial election in Anambra state might be manipulated through rigging in favour of a particular political party, the deputy governorship candidate said votes most count, adding that anyone hoping to occupy the number one seat in the state through the back door is wasting his time because such irregularities can’t be allowed to see the light of the day. ” Rigging of election in Anambra is a thing of the past. We cannot allow it this time. Even INEC is showing a lot of serious comitments to conduct a free and fair election and we are believing in them”.


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