by Paul Chika Emekwulu

election whether presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial, local government chairmanship etc. is very vital in the lives of the citizens of any country. There are two forces that control the world we all live in – _good_ and _evil_. This is the social reality. The world cannot therefore either be pervaded by evil or goodness. It has to be consistent with *Psalm 52:3 and John 3:19*.Because of this, no society will ever be perfect. Nigerian society is not perfect. Even the United States which seems to be the country with most number of immigrants and most favorite country of migration is not perfect.Throughout history no society has ever sought to be perfect. We can only strive to be better.Unfortunately, prior to and during election periods in Nigeria a lot of evil things happen, ranging from election rigging, kidnapping to thuggery, killings etc. All these constitute impediments towards building a better society.As I write some of these evils are being perpetuated somewhere especially during election periods and either nothing is done or enough is not being done to checkmate these activities. It was Albert Einstein, a Jewish-American philosopher, physicist snd mathematician who said that the world we live in is dangerous not because of those who do the evil but because of those who are not doing anything about it.In any conceivable situation in life once you can identify evil in such, you’ll realize that Albert Einstein’s views on good and evil become a subroutine as in computer programming. His views can therefore be used to throw more light into several evil situations we have in our society. Rigging therefore is evil, thuggery is evil, exam malpractice is evil, corruption is evil and many others. In the views of Albert Einstein those who rig elections are not the problem but those party agents and other party officials who are aware that rigging is going on and decide to keep quiet, the problem is that INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) official who absconds with election result sheets. Absconding with election result sheets is not synonymous with speaking up against election malpractises including rigging, tampering with the registration process, vote buying and electoral violence etc.Anyone absconding with election result sheets has evil intention, the problem is the security agencies who turn blind eyes to election fraud, the problem is the voter who allows his or her conscience to be influenced because of petty cash etc.Tampering with the election registration process, election violence, kidnapping, absconding with election result sheets, rigging etc. are not representatives of true democracy.Albert Einstein is calling on both the electorate and the various office aspirants to regard all these as evil and work individually and collectively towards stamping them out from the society.Until we heed his call for a change, we are too far from what real democracy is.


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