* Donates one hundred thousand naira each to the beneficiaries

One of the leading PDP gubernatorial  aspirants, Dr. Godwin Maduka, has demonstrated an uncommon act of benevolence by donating twenty one Sienna cars to the secretaries of our party in the 21 local government areas while another four cars were also given to the State Executives of our great party, PDP, totalling 25 Sienna cars. He complemented the rare gesture by donating One hundred thousand naira to the each of the beneficiaries of the car gift.
As a great party man, who has always supported and still supporting our great party PDP, Dr. Maduka stated that his reason for the largesse to the Local Government secretaries of our party, was to help them discharge their duties efficiently and effectively. Before now, most of these party executives find it difficult to convey themselves to and from the venues of the party’s various activities, due to lack of assured mobility and logistics. But now, the problem of transportation for these secretaries has been duly brought to an end today.
Meanwhile, Dr. Godwin Maduka used the same platform to also reassure the party faithfuls, stakeholders, the PDP delegates and Ndi Anambra, that if he clinches the party ticket and becomes the flag bearer of the People’s Democratic Party in the November 6th gubernatorial election, that he will successfully and comfortably win the 21 LGAs of Anambra State, because he is sure that Ndi Anambra are massively supporting him wholeheartedly as well as his extensive grassroot structures. 
He also used the forum to elucidate on his visionary 10 point agenda to the PDP family and the people present in the occasion, which was anchored on Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, Security, Women and Youth Empowerment, Transportation, Infrastructure/Tourism/Industrialization, Technology and Digital Economy, Energy and Religious Tolerance. The blueprint clearly states how he intends to achieve the overall, strategic and integrated transformation he promised Ndi Anambra when elected the Governor of the State.  
Also looking back at his antecedents, his academical background, his medical/professional career, his outstanding success in business and life generally and as well as how he singlehandedly performed infrastructural wonders in his community, Umuchukwu, transforming it from rural, pristine and remote village to a major cum developed urban town now.
On the other hand, it is noteworthy for our great party to hold Dr. Maduka to his words. It is not a mere catchphrase but a solemn resolve towards the total transformation of Anambra if availed the opportunity. He posited thus, “I have come to deliver ‘Good Governance’ to Ndi Anambra. Nothing short of this, Period!”
It is imperative for our esteemed PDP delegates not to pass up the great opportunity that Dr. Maduka represents. It is a perfect opportunity that we have to get Anambra on the right track again, we can not miss it!


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