It is a thing of joy and thanksgiving that the just concluded Anambra Governorship Election ended peacefully.
During the electioneering period, the deafening threats of fire and brimstone by the cessations IPOB group nearly marred the election.
The apathy, dejection and fear was palpable.
But we want to believe that the sudden calm that enveloped the environment was nothing but the mighty hand of God.
The Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha, taking the lead as the seat of Ecclesiastical Province, dedicated it’s October Devotion prayers for peace and tranquillity during the election.
The fervent prayers worked like magic!
However, the glitches experienced from the BVAS devices was not cheering. The process of capturing images was so clumsy and caused a lot of delays.
We hope that INEC would look into such issues and improve on them.
The good news is that security operatives behaved themselves and no blood was said to have been spilled.
The Ihiala scenario was one that kept everyone in suspense causing postponement of the election. With the anxiety, many exercise fear that the worst may come out from there.
As the whole thing came out beautifully, we hope that other contestants and political parties would exercise the decency and dignity to congratulate the winner.
With the coming of a new governor, we expect he will set up new paradigms to move the state forward.
In our next outing, we shall draw the attention of the incoming governor on issues that bother the people most.
On setting this agenda, it should be known that the electorate are getting wiser and that the only thing that would guarantee good governance is working with and for the people.
On that note, we congratulate the governor elect, Professor C C Soludo and pray that God Almighty will see him through.
God is still saying something.


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