by Chief Paul Orajiaka


An illustrious citizen of Anambra state cum philanthropist Chief Paul Orajiaka has urged the people of the state not rest on their oars until the kind of Anambra we are dreaming of comes true. The business mogul made the call while felicitating with the people of the state during an event to celebrate Anambra at 29.

His words : “As our dear state celebrates 29 years of creation, I congratulate all indigenes of Anambra for their individual and collective effort in making the state what it has become today. 29 years ago, we took our destiny in our hands to build a state where our sons and daughters would be proud of. The journey has not been easy especially with so many unfulfilled visions but we have every reason to be hopeful. Our resilience in the face of unending challenges has distinguished us as a people with strong will and determination to succeed.”

“Across the globe, our sons and daughters have recorded very remarkable achievements in different works of life. In their individual success stories, they reflect who we are as a people. Here in Nigeria, we have not allowed the daunting challenges of an unfair system to weigh us down. Against all odds, we have succeeded in every aspect of life because of our hardwork and character as a people. Our exceptional achievements have shown that truly we are the ‘Light of the Nation.”

“While we have succeeded individually as a people, the level of development in our dear state has however not measured up with the vision of our founding fathers. For 29 years, we have seen the best and worst in our political leadership and this has had serious impact on the development of the state. One year away from three decades, the level of infrastructural development has not given us enough reason to smile. Some roads built years ago are now death traps due to abandonment and poor maintenance culture. Other critical aspects of our economy such as healthcare, power supply, agriculture, transportation, education, job creation etc have also not been at its best. We have continued to labour and toil in pain while some people we elected in the past to govern us made away with our collective wealth.”

“As we celebrate today, we must ask ourselves some vital questions. Are we truly satisfied with the kind of political leadership we have today? Are we proud of the level of development in our state? Can we compare ourselves to other states created about the same time and say we have fared well? Can we boldly say that we have chosen our best to represent us in government? We must ask ourselves these and many other soul searching questions if we must move from where we are today to where we should be.”

“As an illustrious son of this great state, I believe we can do better. I believe that with the right leadership, we can manage our rich resources and make life better for ourselves. I believe that we can make a difference by electing the right persons to run the affair of this state. We must not continue to allow those who have turned themselves into career politicians and enrich themselves on our common wealth, to continue to run the affairs of our state. The future of this great state is in our hands.”


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