By Chiedu Uche Okoye

Is Victor Umeh a household name in the area of political leadership in Nigeria? The answer to the question is a categorical YES!.The Anambra-born political juggernaut has earned his pips in politics and etched his name in the people’s consciousness owing to the giant strides he recorded in the area of politics, political leadership, and philanthropy. Now the mere mention of his name evokes the sweet memories of his contributions to the formation of APGA, his stint in the National Assembly, his innumerable charitable deeds, and others. When democratic governance birthed in Nigeria in 1999, after our country had been in the lull of political wilderness for a long time, Sir Victor Umeh joined the People’s Democratic Party(PDP), the largest political party in Africa, then. He worked assiduously for the growth of PDP. That he became the Anambra State PDP’s treasurer, then, was a measure of his political astuteness and worth, and a recognition of his contributions to the growth of the party. It was no mean achievement.However, Victor Umeh resigned his post in PDP, and teamed up with other politicians , who have bent for progressive politicking to form the All Progressive Grand Alliance(APGA). He believes that there is need for the Igbo people to have a political platform, which will serve as a vehicle for the protection of the Igbo people’s political interests. Not unexpectedly, he played a significant role in the registration of APGA. Over the years, he had occupied various top posts in APGA. He was once a treasurer in the party. He later became the party’s national Vice Chairman. And he would become APGA’s national chairman.Under his leadership of APGA, the party recorded astounding electoral victories in the southeast , especially in Anambra State. Mr. Peter Obi’s ascendance to the topmost political post in Anambra and his electoral litigation victories owed partly to Chief Victor Umeh’s input and able leadership of APGA. So, there is no gainsaying the fact that he laid the foundation for APGA’s domination of politics in Anambra State. And he is still a major stakeholder in the party, irrespective of the fact that he had relinquished his chairmanship post in the party following the expiration of his tenure. Over the years, as APGA national chairman, he has become influential. And he is well-schooled in the art of politicking. Those qualities which he possesses contributed to his becoming a member of the National Assembly in 2018. His membership of the red chamber in the National Assembly was a niche for him given his oratorical prowess, fealty, and Igbo ethnic group nationalism. To say that he represented his constituency well in the National Assembly is to state an irrefutable fact. As a member of the National Assembly, he acquitted himself well by contributing to debates on the floor of the house, and defending, vehemently, the interests of the Igbo people. Though his stay in the legislative arm of government was short, he proved his mettle as an astute lawmaker, defender of the Igbo people, and voice of the voiceless while there. In addition to having garnered legislative experience, Victor Umeh’s occupation of leadership positions in PDP and APGA, and the robust education he acquired had prepared him adequately for a place in the National Assembly in 2023.Chief Umeh was a pupil of St Bridget’s Primary School, Aguluzigbo, where his precocity manifested. Upon completing his primary education, he proceeded to Burbenfoff Memorial Grammar School, Adazi-Nnukwu. He graduated on top of his class with division one in 1980. Chief Umeh got admission into the Estate Management Department of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka .He graduated in 1984, and did his compulsory National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) programme in Port harcourt. He did his primary assignment at the University of Science and Trchnology, Port harcourt, as a lecturer. He is a fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyor and Valuer, having practised his profession for many years. Based on the foregoing, it is an indisputable fact that Chief Victor Umeh is eminently qualified to represent Anambra Central Senatorial Zone in the National Assembly. Not unexpectedly, the stridency of the calls for him to contest for the seat of the Anambra Central Senatorial Zone is defeaning. The discerning people of Anambra Central Senatorial Zone want quality representation in the red chamber of the National Assembly. So they have thrown in their lot with Chief Victor Umeh. Chief Umeh , as a grassroots politician, and a major stakeholder in APGA, is familiar with the problems , which are besetting the people of Anambra Central Senatorial Zone. Being percipient, he understands the people’s psychology and the sociological workings of Igbo society. His familiarity with the problems of his constituency, deep knowledge of the people’s psychology, and the the sociological workings of the Igbo society stand him in good stead to represent Anambra Central Senatorial Zone well in the National Assembly. And based on indices for assessing political leaders, Umeh stands head and shoulder taller than other politicians , who want to run for the seat. They cannot hold a candle to him in the area of politicking, political leadership, and lawmaking. As we are in perilous and uncertain time, we should send our best to the National Assembly for effective representation.So I urge the good people of Anambra Central Senatorial Zone to lend their unalloyed support to Chief Victor Umeh in his quest to represent them in the national assembly. In choosing candidates for the onerous task ahead in 2023, we must separate “ambition” from a “mission” in politics. Understandably, the two above are not the same. Those who are desirous of going to the Senate against Sen. Victor Umeh at this moment are merely pursuing “ambition” without a “mission”. We must avoid them!.


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