Anambra State government has said that it would continue to make exemplary policies to fight the novel coronavirus by combining the best elements which have emerged in the global campaign against the virus.
The Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Mr. C-Don Adinuba, who disclosed this in a press statement, noted that while the State, under the administration of Governor Willie Obiano, is bound to protect its people from the ravages of COVID-19, it could not afford to do so by allowing millions of people to die of hunger and starvation.
The Commissioner stated that the twenty-eight days of lockdown in the State had already taken huge toll on the people’s well-being, adding that it was in view of these challenges that the government opted for a favourable action by relaxing the lockdown and directing the seventy-nine markets in Anambra State to open by next Monday.
He further added that the resumption of activities does not halt the health protocols which are already in place, stressing that market leaders must provide big containers of water with soaps in every line in each of the open markets which people will use regularly to wash their hands for at least twenty seconds on each occasion.
The Commissioner, however, noted that social activities such as burials, funerals, title taking and award ceremonies and marriages are still not taking place because they are likely to attract more than thirty persons in each instance, same with vehicles bringing people from other States.
He assured that Anambra State remains firm in the campaign to contain the coronavirus and allowing the implementation of the policy to be guided by facts and interests of the majority of Ndi Anambra.


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