A Save Our Soul call has gone to Anambra State government to wade into the high costs of foodstuffs across all markets to alleviate the suffering of the citizens this period of stay at home.
The call was made by residents of the State at some foodstuff markets visited by our correspondent.
One of such calls came from the Ibru Fish Market, Onitsha, were a half custard bucket of garri was sold for four hundred and fifty naira while full custard bucket was sold for nine hundred naira as against the previous price of two hundred and fifty naira and five hundred naira respectively.
At Ukwu Mango via Ochanja market, while tubers of yam were sold according to sizes with the lowest for two hundred and fifty naira, a bottle of red oil was sold for three hundred naira, a bag of Semovita for three thousand, two hundred naira as against two thousand, eight hundred naira previously.
The price of beans did not add much as half small paint bucket was sold for four hundred naira while full custard bucket was sold for eight hundred naira.
A beans seller, Mr. Jerry Obi, who spoke to our correspondent, said he did not inflate the prices of his goods due to COVID-19 and wondered why people should inflict more pains on others by hiking the prices of staple foods in this trying times.
Mr. Obi advised people to stay safe amidst the challenges of the time and urged the State government to intervene by calling foodstuffs traders to order.
A yam seller, Mrs. Ndidiamaka Godfrey said the prices of yam was high last week because there was scarcity of yam due to government’s directive on closure of land borders, a directive which she said prompted people to go into panic buying.
Mrs. Geoffrey said trailer load of yam arrived the markets and yam dropped to normal price.
Others, who spoke including Mr. Ogochukwu Ofolebe from Oraukwu and Mrs. Nkemakonam Egbuniwe pleaded for government’s intervention to prevent families from dying of hunger while Mrs. Chika Okolo, who deals on cocoyam and red oil maintained that prices of foodstuffs are determined by the season.


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