Over the past few weeks,local radio stations beamed announcements urging aluminium profile dealers at Oguta Road,Onitsha,to vacate the street and relocate to their new site.
The announcement coming from Anambra State Government was clear,concise and unambiguous.Surprisingly, the announcement which ran for weeks stopped without any action from both sides;the government and the traders.
The ordinary interpretation of the silence and inaction from both sides meant that either the government has compromised it’s order or that the traders have become recalcitrant and disobedient to government’s well thought out instructions or directive.
The Oguta Road aluminium profile market has existed for a very long time on it’s present site.With rapid growth of the market,The necessity arose for expansion of the market.
It is open and convincing that the business has constituted a major hazard for ordinary road users as offloading and loading of materials along the road has caused minor and major accidents.
Road users who have nothing to do with the business along Oguta Road would literally wear helmets and eye googles to ply the road with the fear and anxiety of being hit by reckless handling and movement of aluminum profiles.
Road users have had their vehicle windscreens broken by the lengthy and menacingly packed profiles while pieces of dangerous broken glasses litre the public road.
It is embarrassing that the state government is demonstrating weakness in enforcing a major strategy that would have sanitized that section of Onitsha city.
We understand that a lot of undercurrents are undermining government order from both sides of the bargain but it has become obvious that the aluminum dealers should relocate to their new site.
The state government has enough coercive paraphernalia to enforce it’s directive and it should not be seen as there is arm twisting between government and the traders.
Relocation of the market is in the interest of the traders.They have committed a lot of resources into the new market and just like other commodity markets like the building materials, tyre market etc,their would be enough space and the business would boom appreciably.
The state government owes the public some explanations why it has not enforced it’s orders.


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