The entire nation is embarrassed by the new wave of killings across Nigeria with that of Anambra State taking more bizarre and confusing dimensions.Few days ago,the killing and beheading of a member of the Anambra State House of Assembly,Mr Okechukwu Okoye and his media aide,triggered widespread fear,anger and trepidation in Anambra State as the shadow of fear and gloom loomed around.As if the cold blooded murder of the law maker and his media aide was not enough,their bodies were decapitated and dumped at various locations.Many other innocent people were being murdered at various other locations as the law enforcement agencies appeared overwhelmed.The other day,an innocent woman said to be a Northerner,mrs Harira Jubril was slaughtered with four of her children in cold blood.Above reported heinous crimes have been viral in the social and our sensibilities have been insulted,abused and diminished greatly.The horror visited on the citizens of Anambra over these series of wanton killings cannot be imagined to happen in 21st century in Anambra state and we stand to condemn it.A situation where law enforcement officials who carry out their legitimate duties are targeted and killed by non state actors and criminals is something to worry about.While the IPOB has consistently denied involvement in this gruesome acts,we are surprised that no group has come out boldly to own up this dastardly act.We appeal to those behind this ugly acts,whoever they are,to think twice and remember that their own lives matter a lot just as that of those they have brutalised and murdered in cold blood.There’s sanctity and respect for life as God is the originator of life and only Him can take it when He desires.Wanton killing and destruction of lives and property is an abomination crying to God for vengeance.Those who deliberately kill and destroy their fellows cannot be said to be normal.They are criminals of the highest order.We commend the Anambra State governor Professor Charles Soludo for visiting bereaved families of the victims of the recent killings to commiserate with them.We also commend him for reeling out other measures which include curfew and restrictions on movement to curtail this ugly development.Generally,we urge the law enforcement agencies to plan out enforcement strategies to contain the situation and possibly take the fight to the criminal hideouts.A stitch in time, they say,saves nine.


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