Some youths in Ogidi Community, Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State, caught and flogged publicly a middle-aged man, identified as Sunday Maduegbunam, who was seen in a viral video flogging, kicking and boxing his own mother.

According to the one minute-fifty five seconds video, the man was seen using a long and heavy stick to beat the elderly woman.

At some point in the video, he dropped the stick and resorted to slapping, boxing, kicking and stamping on the fallen woman. He attempted to strangle her to the consternation of onlookers, mostly women and children.

However, after the video had gone viral in the social media space, the youth of the Community who came across the video, looked for the boy, identified him and interrogated him.

Mr. Maduegbunam‘s identity having been confirmed and his confession obtained, the youth applied the Ndigbo traditional discipline on him, to serve as a deterrent to others for such, beating one’s parents, is an ‘alu’, abomination in the land.

Though he confirmed that he was indeed the person in the video, admitted to have committed the offence and begged for forgiveness, the youth were not deterred in their determination to make an example of him.

He was tied hands and legs in an embrace with a pine tree by the youth and was flogged on his bareback, with the admonition not to repeat such a despicable act again.


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