By Ononye VC

Senator Muhammad Sani Musa has berated President Muhammadu Buhari for leading a 100-member contingent to the United Nations General Assembly.

Musa described the president as being insensitive to the country’s current economic distress.

Senator Musa, a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress who represents Niger East, vehemently condemned the president’s action, stressing that it was a misplacement of priority to travel with such a large number of people to the US.

“When I saw the large number of people on the president’s delegation, I was embarrassed because I couldn’t fathom why a country that’s planning to take more loans would be spending this recklessly.

“Besides air tickets and hotel spending, these people have been paid estacodes,” he said.

He questioned the president’s sense of prudent use of state resources, as according to him, “even last year, the same number of people were in the president’s delegation.”

Senator Musa also dismissed a claim that the delegation includes technocrats on a mission to attract direct foreign investment.

“This just doesn’t make any sense because if the right climate was in place in our country, foreign investment would flow naturally,” Musa argued.

He expressed the belief that the president was not aware of the number of people in his entourage. “His aides drafted the list,” he added.


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