Recently,citizens of Anambra State woke up to view the bizarre video clips of a man dressed like a priest, performing rituals and indecent acts claimed to be antidote for getting riches quickly.
The name of the get-rich-quick Priest was given as “Onyeze”and was said to be based in Nkpor,Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State.
The viral video showed shameless and gullible young men and women, taking bath inside a dirty stream while the fake Priest showered Naira notes on them while muttering various deceitful incantation to attract wealth to the gullible victims.
Some of the victims were also seen clutching rams on the river side as the incantations went on.
We align with the Anambra State Government for the immediate arrest of Onyeze and his likes in Anambra State and possibly in other states of the federation where illegalities of such have become the order of the day.
This situation becomes common place where the authorities no longer look into values of the people coupled with proliferation of churches.
The Anambra State government is correct to observe that,Onyeze Jesus promotes superstition and strife in society. By telling his gullible and brainwashed followers that their misfortune is caused by family members, relatives, friends and business associates through magical powers, he is fomenting serious troubles and instigating eternal enmity in various places and businesses. Some of these troubles can lead to physical fights, bodily injuries and even deaths.
By throwing plenty of naira notes into the river regularly as part of sacrifice to the river goddess and filming it and distributing the film to the whole world, he has brought Anambra State into global ridicule and, worse, gregariously committed a criminal offence. Burning or destroying the naira through any means is an offence criminalized by the Central Bank of Nigeria Act of 2007, and the offender is liable to imprisonment.
By forcing his disciples to have a bath naked in a river, then film the naked adults and distribute the videos across the globe, Onyeze Jesus is guilty of denying his followers the right to self-dignity and of promoting indecent exposure, which is a crime under the Nigerian law.
The Anambra State government further observed that,it received reports from former disciples that Onyeze Jesus has swindled them of their hard earned resources, that is, all the promises and assurances of turning them into overnight millionaires have proved to be fraudulent.
It is therefore appropriate that urgent steps be taken to arrest the fake Priest and bring him to book to serve as a deterrent to others.


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