In no distant time,we would join the rest of the world to usher in the new year of the Lord,year 2022 by the special Grace of God.
We wait to welcome the new year with cautious optimism and prayerfully hoping that it would usher in a better political and economic climate.
Nigerians always have high expectations that incoming years would change their fortunes.So it is in other climes worldwide.
However,the Nigerian situation in the past is such that each coming new year arrive with hardship of various dimensions especially where it affects the welfare of the people.
The economy always fared so bad and it always appeared that past years were always better
The various Nigerian governments ranging particularly from the Presidency down to the local government chairmen seem to have lost the necessary acumen and creativity needed to turn the fortunes of the people around for the better.
With the federal and state budgets sounding in Trillions and Billions of Naira,we do not expect that the budget of next year would be business as usual.
What the ordinary Nigerian needs is good roads, regular electricity,drinking pipeborne water treated at the Waterworks,affordable health care system and security of lives and property.
We do not wish that such inadequacies would linger in the coming year rather we expect the year 2022 to be a year of action where social/economic and political injustices are addressed.
Let the coming year be a year the Nigerian judiciary would sit up.Slow dispensation of justice opens the entire judiciary to ridicule and denial of justice to genuine seekers of justice.
Cases which ordinarily should be summary trials are adjourned unnecessarily.
If Nigeria must be good in the true sense of it,the Judiciary holds the key.
In terms of other tiers of government,it is not yet clear where the Executive arm is steering the ship of governance.
The local government system of governance should be revived so that those at the grassroots would participate in governance.
With the present high cost of living and the looming increase in the price of petrol,the high exchange rate and insecurity of lives and property,there is no guarantee that the new year would be any better.
However,good Christians do not despair in times of harship.There is no need to panic and there’s no need to lose hope.There’s abundant hope and light at the end of the tunnel.
We urge the authorities to be more serious,articulate and proactive in their style of leadership.The citizens should also learn to be good followers and speak out and challenge cases of injustice and marginalisation. It is pertinent to point out that marginalisation does not exist at the federal level.
If the incoming year must be good,those in authority must take charge and govern the nation with the fear of God.
Trinitas wishes everyone happy and prosperous new year.


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