By Nna Anulumadu

The parish priest of St Dominic’s Catholic Church, Abatete, Rev Fr. John Manafa, on Wednesday urged mothers to go back to farming in order to survive the current bad economy that is biting hard on the masses.He gave the advice during an opening ceremony for the 2022 parish CWO August meeting. According to him, dependence on finished products, especially food  materials, will unleash more poverty and hardship on citizens,  because people are finding it difficult to make money, while the value of the naira is depreciating every day, coupled with inflation.”The ultimate solution is to go back to farming, so that the public will not starve. Farming is not only for the village dwellers. Those living in the cities can also turn their  corridors or verandas in their apartments into farms by using bags filled with sand to plant yam seedlings or vegetables… it works very well and produces great harvest one can’t imagine.”Fr Manafa, who is currently a great farmer, expressed worry that nowadays, our people have forgotten the need to plant something and harvest later for consumption.”It is quite unfortunate and shameful  that some women residing in the rural areas cannot eat from their farms, because they relegated the idea of subsistence farming to the background, spending their meagre resources to purchase food materials they can easily produce themselves.  Those living in townships should not take that as an excuse since they can cultivate crops in the village and as well turn their apartments in the cities into farms.” He encouraged those who are willing to produce watermelons to plant the seeds in September since that is the proper period the seeds will germinate, grow and produce fruit.  “No matter how lucrative your  business or job is, you need to add farming to your activities and don’t be solely dependent on food materials in the market; rather, be a producer yourself.”Those who find it so difficult to make money these days should have a rethink and go back to farming. Use local irrigation to produce and supply those cash crops that are hardly seen during the dry season and you will earn huge money,” he said.It will interest you to know that Fr Manafa has excelled in farming and he is currently  the producer of the best species of cucumber in the market. He regularly produces other farm products that are flooding the market today.


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