Name : Hidden Idolatory
Author: Edwin Anaegboka Udoye
Page: 176 Pages,six Chapters
Price: Not stated
Point of sale: Holy Trinity Bookshop, Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity, Onitsha.Other designated places.
Publisher : Published in Nigeria by Gabtony Prints Ltd,133/135 Wetheral Road,Owerri,Imo,state.
Reviewer : Ononye VC Ksm.

The book under review is the beautiful handwork of Very Rev Fr Edwin Anaegboka Udoye,a Priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha.He is presently the Executive Director of Justice, Development, Peace and Caritas Commission(JDPC),Archdiocese of Onitsha.
The book was painstakingly written and published at the present time in the history of Nigeria when all ingredients of morality and good conscience are on the lowest ebb.
Hidden Idolatory therefore exposes how covetousness has eaten deep into the world,that is, a god that commands many devotees and adherents.It has penetrated all the areas of human life and endeavours.It has conquered many kingdoms,rulers,business tycoons,financial institutions, technocrats,capitalistic States,socialist States,powerful men and women and worst,it is shareholder that has bought the highest share in various churches.
It’s kingdom kingdom covers the poor and the rich. People so loved it that they give it nicknames, smartness,astuteness,cleverness,swift deal,etc.
Infact,a hidden idolatory of many unknown gods is confined within the idol of covetousness.
The book targets to create awareness on the abandonment and worship of true God to the idol of covetousness.
Where hinges the purpose of human life?What really gives life meaning?Where is the last destination of man.
With six chapters and 176 pages,the book lists various aspects of idolatory and covetousness. Among them are,Idolatory of pleasure, of appetite, sensuality or flesh,of profit and popularity.
Others are,Idolatory of possessions,of people,time and apotheosis and so on.
This is a rare publication that offers very many thought provoking insights on the ugly and growing moral decadence in the country which has snowballed into serious consequences in Nigeria’s socio-economic and political growth.
It is recommended that the book be part of moral literature in our schools and colleges if the Nigerian would ever steer away from impending doom.
As the photograph shows,idolatory is a heavy burden on mankind.


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