By Sunny A. David

Authorities of the Bridgehead Market Traders Association (BHMTA) have given a pat on the back of Governor Chukwuma Soludo for returning normalcy in the market and other markets in the state.

The body of patrons, board of trustees (BoT), and stakeholders of the BHMTA, who made commendation in a press statement, said they were particularly touched by the restoration of the rule of law not only at Bridgehead Market, Onitsha, but in all the markets in Anambra State.

The BHMTA stated that worthy of note is the wisdom of the incumbent commissioner for commerce and industry, Dr. Obinna Chima Ngonadi, not only in resolving all the crises created by the past commissioners of the ministry in charge of markets in the state, but also in returning the market association to the BoT who are its original owners.

In the statement jointly signed by Chief Sir. Okey Ojimba (chairman), Chief Cyprian Ume (secretary) and Sir. Peter Okala (PRO) for and on behalf of the body of patrons, BoT and stakeholders of the association, they said they were highly impressed that while all interest groups were mounting all kinds of pressure on Ngonadi to rescind his decision to sack the Sunday Obinze-led executive members of the BHMTA, Ngonadi went ahead and issued a directive to Obinze to hand over all the properties of the market association to the BoT members who were at that time in their various shops.

According to the statement, “this is why the body of patrons, BoT and all Stakeholders welcome with both hands the subsequent appointment of a young, energetic and qualified trader, Mr. Chinedu Ezekweike, as the incumbent chairman of [the] caretaker committee of BHMTA.”

“This appointment by the honourable commissioner through the BoT members is a welcome development especially now that our country’s presidential election is near and security situation in the state fragile, adding, our forum congratulates Ezekweike and his team for their emergence and pledge our support not only to our association but to the state government at large.

“It is the advice of our forum that to whom much is given much is expected. That the core mandate of Mr Governor and Commissioner should be their watch word in providing services to our co-traders for a livable and prosperous homeland.

”Our forum further commends Mr Governor in shiploads for his numerous developmental approaches which has been adjudged to be excellent, adding, for once, we have a governor who involves his household in practical ptovisions of employment and empowerment, tackles our security challenges with despatch, encourages indigenous manufacturers by practically making it mandatory that we use what we produce in Anambra State and himself as Mr. Governor is leading by example.”


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