By Nna Anulumadu

The parish priest of St Paul’s parish Ideani, Rev Fr. Dr. John Nnaemeka on Sunday described the Holy Trinity as the source of our faith. According to him, the mystery of the Blessed Trinity is very important in the life of the Church, because it is the source of her faith.” Simply put: he Church originated from the Trinity, She is formed according to the image of the Trinity and is destined to return to the Trinity. He made it that the mystery of The Blessed Trinity is a truth that can never be understood with the human intellect .” This truth is arrived at only with the eyes of faith. A perfect example is that which St Augustine did. He expressed worry that some of our fallen brethren have rejected this teaching, because they feel, it is not in the Bible.”The word, ‘Trinity’is not found in the Bible, but it is emphasized throughout the Bible.”For instance, in Genesis 1:26 , God said; ‘Let us create man in our image after our likeness’, suggesting the involvement of other persons in the act of creation.” God was not speaking to the angels because, they are not of the same nature with God and cannot create.God was referring to other(s) who have the same essence, being and power of creation as Him, hence the Trinity.We could, also, see the use of this plurality of the Three Persons in One God, in the following passages; Genesis 3:22, Genesis 11:7, and in Isaiah 6:8.We could, also, see more evidence in the New Testament.For instance, in Matthew 28:19, where Christ gave the Divine Commission.Also, in Luke 1:35, the Three Persons are mentioned.The Theophany after the Baptism of Jesus, which gives the revelation of The Trinity (cf. Matthew 3:16-17 ) and Jesus’ solemn address, at the Last Supper (cf. John 14:16, and John 15:26 ), all remain evidence of the existence of Holy Trinity.Fr Nnaemeka further explained the Three Divine Persons possess the same Divine essence or power, though each possesses it in a particular way.”It is to this, that we attribute (1) the Father, the perfection of Omnipotence, which makes Him a creator, (2) to the Son we attribute Wisdom and the Redeemer, (3)to the Holy Spirit, we attribute the operation of grace and the sanctification of soul i.e., Sanctifier. The Blessed Trinity he further posited is epitome of togetherness, oneness, unity, understanding, which are lacking these days in most families, workplaces, even among societies in the Church, adding that presently, this is one of the major problems of our country, Nigeria”. Reiterating that the Blessed Trinity are bound with Love (cf. 1John 4:8,16 ), he charged Christians to embrace the spirit of love, so as to live as one, like them.


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