Mr Chiwetalu Agu,a renowned Nigerian Nollywood actor was recently “intercepted” by security forces at the precincts of the notorious Upper Iweka,Onitsha.
Video clips of his arrest went viral as he was being humiliated by security operatives.
He was said to be wearing proscribed IPOB colours attached with some insignia bearing resemblance with that of the IPOB.
We monitored the drama from Upper Iweka to the DSS Abuja where Mr Agu was eventually released by the special Grace of God.
It could have been a different story altogether if something different happened to Mr Agu in the process of being grilled by the operatives.Of course,it has never been easy for anyone having such experience.
From all we observed,Mr Agu appeared to have deliberately,from abinitio testing the will of the government and security forces when he ought to know,at his level, that the Nigerian security forces would not smile at him donning such attire that has been outlawed by the government.
He should be told that his conduct was not exemplary and helpful to the youths who may have out of ignorance put their lives in danger if they had joined his risky and deadly drama.
Chiwetalu Agu’s misadventure in the hands of operatives conjures a metaphor of catching a tiger by the tail.
It is like grabbing a powerful but fierce animal by the tail,only to have it pounce on and eat up one.
In this case,we do not encourage any form of violence either from the security agents or those fighting for their right.
Mr Chiwetalu Agu has contributed immensely to the Nigerian film industry and he has endeared himself to his fans.
He is very much needed around to continue with his contributions and to teach the up coming ones the secrets of the profession.
We thank the authorities of Nollywood and other stakeholders who mounted pressure on government to ensure his timely release.
We also thank the security forces for doing the needful by releasing our beloved actor Mr Chiwetalu Agu.
We hope Mr Agu returned his vocation of film acting in good spirit.


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