…confirms over 300 candidates
…commissions renovated grotto

By Chimezie Uzonwanne

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Onitsha His Grace Most Rev Dr Valerian Maduka Okeke has once again paid a visit to one of the veteran parishes in the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha, Christ The King Parish Onitsha on Sunday 7th March 2021. The visit of the Archbishop to the parish filled the atmosphere with joy, cheers and pomps as the parishioners came out enmass to welcome the Archbishop of Onitsha. In the mass, Archbishop Valerian Okeke conferred the sacrament of confirmation on over 300 candidates, and thereafter commissions the renovated grotto of Our Lady of Fatima which was given a Morden touch.

The Archbishop Valerian Okeke while Preaching reminded the faithful that the beauty of the Ten Commandments is to provide a guide to humans in order to live a holy life and not to discomfort or force anybody to live a certain life. The prelate further stressed that Jesus Christ is the power and presence of God, anybody that have Christ obviously have every blessings and miracles because he is the new and ideal temple and human beings were given the privilege to also be a carrier of this temple and thus the need to always keep holy the temple.

Very Rev Fr Godwin Okolo joyfully thanked the Archbishop for making out time to be with his children in Christ The King Parish and for his love while pouring encomiums to the prelate for his episcopacy that carries with it numerous development in the Archdiocese. In an interview with the parish priest, Fr Godwin Okolo adviced the people to always stick and believe in the love of God and stop galivanting from one place to another in search of miracles.
The Laity Council chairman of the parish, Mr Aliagu Cyprain believes that the visit of the Archbishop will bring light to the parishioners and blessings in many ways. Also the CWO president Dr. Mrs Dorathy Udolisa is of the opinion that the visit of the Archbishop will bring improved spiritual life as she adviced the mothers to always watch their children closely, train them well and make them good candidates of heaven especially in this world filled with errors.


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