As 2023 polls draw nearer,all kinds of political activities are presently going on.It is the season of procurement of nomination forms or what the political parties call,”expression of interest forms”,whatever names they go with.A flurry of political party’s Primary elections are expected to be taking place while political horse trading,commitments and alignments would be common place.Almost all political parties have raised the cost of their forms beyond the reach of many interested aspirants.Most outrageous is the scandalous N100 million Naira cost of expression of interest form by the ruling party APC with respect to the presidential form.With the obvious manipulation of electoral system in the country,the most dangerous is commercialisation of the system.This is pointing towards eroding and destabilizing known democratic norms which form the basis of democracy in the first place.Political corruption has evolved in many ways in the country and unless something is done to checkmate the impunity,Nigeria’s democratic experiment will continue to wobble or even collapse.It would seem that the electorate does not help matters when they encourage “See and buy”voting style such that if they are not given money,they hardly vote.There are many other ways which the electoral system have been compromised.Politicians do not comply with the rules.The electoral system is no more the contest of ideas and how to develop the society but to loot the treasury.Moneybags are known to be investing in government inorder to hijack government resources and reap therefrom.Sadly,part of the game is that those who are expected to implement the laws guiding corruption are the ones aiding and abetting it.They are mostly politicians who occupy positions of authority.With the look of things today,the political class has to do a rethink to know if they are really doing the right thing.The emphasis placed on commercialisation of the political system is a clear shortchanging of a majority of Nigerians who should under normal circumstances dictate the pace of the electoral system by voting the right persons into power.We are afraid that with the present circumstances everything has turned upside down.Where are the anti graft agencies? Where is the police,rights activists and other advocates of truth and justice.We hope they would not allow the Nigerian democratic experiment to be hijacked by moneybags and Shylocks.We also recommend that the anti graft agencies like the EFCC,the ICPC and other related agencies should profile all aspirants into political offices to know their pedigree,their sources of finance, lifestyle and general assets before aspiring to public offices.


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