There is palpable fear in Nigeria that the Coronavirus pandemic is spreading fast and the mortality rate increasing by the day.
The mortality rate of the pandemic is such that many well meaning personalities have been infected and have lost their lives in the process.
According to records,the number of lives claimed by Coronavirus stand at One Hundred and sixty-five thousand,two hundred and seventy-five (165,275) across the globe.
According to statistics released by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control(NCDC) today,Nigeria’s total number of confirmed infection as at 17th April 2019 has risen to 627.
According to the NCDC,Eighty-six new cases of Covid-19 have been reported as follows; 70 in Lagos,7 in FCT,3 in Katsina,3 in Akwa-Ibom,1 in Jigawa,1 in Bauchi and 1 in Borno.
The NCDC said the total number of fatalities recorded from the virus in Nigeria increased to 21 while 170 have been discharged.
With this fearful development, it is necessary to emphasise further,the need for Nigerians to be vigilant,proactive and brace up for the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.
Very worrisome is the prediction of the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicating that the pandemic may eventually take a heavy toll on black Africa if stringent measures are not taken to contain the pandemic.
The Coronavirus pandemic has become a puzzle for scientists and medical workers across the globe who are fighting vigorously to find solution to the pandemic.
Scientists are puzzled that the biological behaviour of the Coronavirus has become intractable and that there is no cure yet for the pandemic.
In the same vein, global powers are suspecting foul play that the pandemic could be another war against humanity which must be fought to a standstill if nations cooperate and do the needful.
The irony triggered by the pandemic across the world is that a good number of people have died not because of the pandemic but out of fear,frustration,anxiety and hunger.
In parts of Nigeria for instance,there is a renewed assault by criminal gangs to loot people’s property and rob the neighborhoods due to the lockdown.
Other challenges thrown up by the pandemic is exposure of the inadequacies in the health-care sector especially in Nigeria where the authorities had to scramble to get the health sector in order.
While the Coronavirus pandemic ravages the world,it has facilitated serious changes the way things would be done in terms of national economy,religious engagements, social and political engagements.
While Nigerians are gradually realising the steady coronavirus onslaught, various states and the federal government should continue to provide palliatives to their citizens who are groaning under the weight of this pandemic and the lockdown.
With the rising infections of Coronavirus, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and other health workers should increase public awareness, redouble their strategies towards fighting community transmissions and open more test centres across the country.
The fight against this deadly pandemic is therefore a general call to duty where everybody must join hands with the government to prosecute.


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