The Chief Executive officer St Charles Borromeo Specialist Hospital Very Rev Fr Dr. Izunna Okonkwo penultimate Friday raised alarm about the continual menace of Covid 19 in Nigerian society, disclosing that people are still dying IN their numbers.

Fr. Okonkwo who raised the alarm while chatting with Trinitas’s reporter in his office expressed worries that majority of Nigerian citizens have since withdrawn from observing Covid 19 protocol in including wearing of face masks in the public places, keeping social distances, washing of hands, taking the approved Covid vaccines for prevention among other things.

“I really saw what it means to pass through a pandemic when i was traveling to Hungary. Before we started our journey, every body was required to do Covid 19 test. If it is not a condition to travel abroad I wouldn’t have gone for Covid test, because I have taken my vaccine, and absolutely no Covid 19 symptoms .So I have confidence in taking the vaccine having read a lot about the vaccines it, irrespective of different narratives, opinion of people and conspiracy theory against the vaccines.

“I took my first jab of the vaccine as far back as March this year and when it was time to take the second jab, I took mine as well. So when I was asked to do a Covid 19 test, I wondered why I should go for test since I have taken my vaccines. But learnt that you must present such test for a proof you are negative.

Fr Okonkwo maintained that anyone who has taken the vaccine has a lot of advantages but even if the person may test positive because taking the vaccine is no guarantee that the person will no more test positive.

According to him, somebody who has been vaccinated twice can still test positive but from available evidence and researches, those who have taken the vaccine but eventually tested positive, most often do not have any symptom and even if they have symptoms, they may not go into any crisis.

“I have seen so many who died because of not taking the vaccine. I have seen also those who didn’t take the vaccine and tested positive but recovered. But it depends on individual pre-existing condition and body components. Those with multiple sicknesses have slim chances of survival when they test positive without taking vaccines.

The Chief Executive officer further advised those have not taken the Covid 19 vaccine to consider taking the vaccine to be at the safer side.

” From the way things are going, there may be a time when people will be prevented from entering into function that is going on for not taking the vaccine. Right now some countries in the Western world are planning another kind of lock down. We have taken vaccine two times. In the Western world some of them are taking the third vaccine called booster vaccine.

“In essence those who have taken the complete vaccine should also not withdraw from observing the Covid 19 protocols while those have not taken should should go for vaccination”, he reiterated.


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