The Archbishop, Province of the Niger, Anglican Communion, and Bishop of Awka Anglican Diocese, Rt. Rev. Alexander Chibuzor Ibezim, has said that the spirit of death is smelling everywhere due to the scourge of the Covid19 virus.
He said that coronavirus is currently ravaging the entire world but anyone who believes in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ should not be afraid rather he should be steadfast in his faith because the virus will be exterminated soon from the surface of the earth.
Bishop Ibezim stated this in Awka, also cautioned the general public against allegations on security agencies enforcing the stay-at-home order across the country.
The Anglican Bishop urged the people to do their part by obeying simple government directives before pointing accusing fingers on the law enforcement agencies, stressing that security agencies needed support and not accusations.
“We need to be careful on allegations on the security agencies. I advise we do our own little part. At times we’re so fast to blame security men. But the duty they’re performing now is a very difficult one. Both security personnel and all of us must be committed to the course,” Archbishop Ibezim stressed.
He also called on Christians to have faith in God in the midst of the ravaging coronavirus pandemic, saying it would soon be over.
The Bishop maintained that resurrection power of Jesus would terminate the scourge the same way it rolled away the stone at the tomb of Jesus on the day of His resurrection.
According to Bishop Ibezim, “It is significant for us especially in a moment the whole World is crying over who will roll away the stone of coronavirus, a disease killing thousands of people all over the World.
“We heard of case that has entered Anambra. Even scientists are all battling, civilized world still struggling, nobody knows what to do.
“This coronavirus we have seen and witnessing devastation all over, it will be terminated. Just like the stone in the tomb was rolled away, by the supernatural power of God, that’s the same way this coronavirus will be terminated.
“Don’t be afraid. You won’t die like a grasshopper. Once you fear death, it will come to you. But when you stand and believe in the resurrection power of Jesus, then you won’t be like those dying anyhow.
“The spirit of death is smelling everywhere. But single yourself that you’ll live and not die, because Jesus lives.”
The Awka Anglican Bishop commended the efforts of the State government in fighting the pandemic and called for more support through community commitment as well as abiding by the rules and regulations stipulated by the government.
“We need to adhere to all the directives as simple as they may be in order to augment government efforts. There’s need to be more careful because when you think you are getting result, that’s when the enemy attacks,” the Archbishop added.


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