There has been an increase in attacks on police formations and military outposts across the country.
The recent ones reported across the South East and Northern States signals a very dangerous development looming across the Nigerian horizon.
The attacks left in their trail several injured and killed men and officers of police and military.
It is reported that in the last three months, gun men have killed no fewer than 70 law enforcement agents in their regions and burnt down over 52 police formations in the South East and the South South.
All of the above are clear evidences that the long unabated insecurity generated and propelled by Boko Haram insurgents are festering and taking different dimensions.
Every Nigerian citizen is now living in fear.The fact that those trained to secure lives and property are now targets of gunmen leaves a state of panic and fear on everyone and on every door step.
The police and the military have been pushed to the edge.It has been a clear case of the hunter being hunted.
The Nigerian nation cannot continue with this gradual breakdown of law and order.A great number of people are losing their lives and means of livelihood, people are displaced from their homes,children and women are brutalised,killed and maimed.
Our Nigerian version of insecurity lives no one in doubt that citizens are angry with the authorities who have not been able to provide the necessary basic necessities of life to keep the youths out of the streets.
The hostile conduct of the military and police against civilians have attracted so much hatred to them such that the police particularly do not attract any sympathy from the people anymore.
With the look of things,lack of welfare package to the forces cannot be said to be the cause of inefficient and ineffective protection of lives and property.
It is complete nonchalance, lack of initiative, being uncreative and being unprofessional that is the reason why our security forces cannot challenge and uproot criminals and undesirable elements.
The federal government should as a matter of urgency recruit and train an elite corps of police and the military to serve as a counter terrorism squad to challenge those trying to plunge Nigeria into a state of anarchy.
Perhaps, those behind the Nigerian crisis want Nigeria to go the way of Libya,Somalia and other countries suffering unending instability.
We cannot be claiming to be the giant of Africa when we remain clay footed and unable to secure ourselves.
The Nigerian authorities must be creative and think fast.They need to boost the strenght of the armed forces both in numbers and equipment.
Unless someone or a group of people are benefitting from the crisis,there is no reason why the situation should deteriorate and continue to be so.
A stitch in time,saves nine.


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