By Ononye VC

A popular Justice, Development, Peace and Caritas (JDPC) partner and advocate for a better society known as the Development Centre for Orientation, Discovery and Empowerment (DeCODE) has trained holiday students on value reorientation and other enablers that can make them better people in society.

Value reorientation is one of DeCODE’s programme areas and is needed to develop values and attitudes of children and the youth to make them contribute meaningfully to social development. Value reorientation means restoration or a change of attitude towards a number of things that have been identified as wrong actions or wrong attitudes.

DeCODE is investing massively in value reorientation, especially for teenagers through a project named the “Supporting Teenagers Against Negative Decision”  (STAND) project with the aim of bringing about a significant reduction in indiscipline, immorality, terrorism, kidnapping, cultism, drug abuse and other social vices.

STAND is a child-focused project that targets children in their teens to train, educate and support the children to be resilient, bold and courageous to refuse in engaging in societal vices so as to live and attain their life goals.

According to the director of DeCODE, Princess Cynthia Enweonwu Arinze, “Within this long vacation period, we educated over 800 teenagers, from different lessons within Onitsha North and Onitsha South LGAs, on the importance of value reorientation and reasons they should shun all negative decisions, study harder and contribute meaningfully to societal development.”

We ended by singing songs to subconsciously remind them of taking the right path and develop good morals and values.

The contents of the songs, which is a deliberate motivational anecdote, are as follows:

“My education, my education
I will pursue, I will pursue
I will study harder
I will read harder.”

Song 2:

“If you do good – engineer, ohoho, lawyer, ohoho, doctor is waiting for you.
If you do bad – barrow pusher, iron condemn, mango and pure water seller is waiting for you.”

The value reorientation programme promotes SDGs 3, 4 and 5, which translate to good health and well being, quality education and gender equality.


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