By Nna Anulumadu

The Episcopal Vicar, Nnobi Region cum parish priest St Mary’s parish Nnokwa Rev Fr John Bosco Ezika on Tuesday, enjoined faithful not to joke with three virtues ( prayers, penance and alms giving) expected of every Christian to practice at the ongoing Lenten season.

According to him, the three virtues are the three pillars that should guide our forty days journey during this period, emphasizing that once we remove one, the other two cannot stand. “This period we are expected to redouble our prayers because as people of God we believe in prayers which is all about communicating with God, being in union with God, and being in the presence of God.”

“Penance is not abstaining from what is not favourable to you. It abstaining from that thing you know that is not sinful, yet you shunned it for the sake of the season, so that God will use it to purify you, bless you and others. Also, alms giving is not giving from your abundance, but helping your neighbour in different ways and that is why the mother church says every evening of Fridays, there should be collections after the stations of the cross.

“The collections should come from the fasting we have done because we don’t fast to save but to give out to the less privileged. In other words, in lent, we are called to make paradigm shift from our normal way of life. By extension, we are not expected a to go back to our old ways of life after lent. In addition, lent is teaching us to embrace life of continual renewal and revival. Each Lenten season offers us opportunity to make a step forward into the life in the spirit.

Again, each one of us is called to embrace the life of holiness and sustain it whether you are a priest, Religious or lay faithful because such life guarantee heaven.


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