By: Onwurah Chinonso Anthony(Equity Lawyer)

It is incumbent on us all to look at this colossus and erudite scholar through the lens of divine craftsmanship and product of Gods providence. Dr Maduka clearly espoused the ageless nugget of a man with a humble beginning. He was not born with a silver spoon or rather fell from the outer space. He was born in abject poverty and destitution with it’s attendant ignominy in our present society. Whoever passed through this life experiences was sometimes written off by the people considering the fact that life opportunities are sometimes limited to him/her. Despite the background of his birth, Dr. Maduka through his undiluted passion, grit, perseverance, don’t of hard work and to cap it all up, God’s Divine providence used the early life struggles and challenges to find the inner strength that spurred him up to attain the milestones he has achieved over time. He did not for a second allow the turbulence in his early life to deter and derail his lofty ambitions of becoming an important agent of change in his immediate surroundings and the world at large. These challenges though sordid, dearly defined and played a vital role in the making of Dr Maduka’s consummate personality. If not for God’s perfect touch on his life and endeavors, he would have withered, lost hope and fallen into that self destructive habits which characterized majority of the people who passed through the same unpalatable life trajectory.
Today, Dr Maduka has conquered the world. He has become the cynosure of all eyes in the grandest of stages. The testimonies are abound through his meticulous visions, gamely wits, shrewdness as well as that heavenly seal, he was able to have the world at his feet. The beautiful part is that Dr Maduka was as clean as hounds-teeth in achieving all these milestones which is rare in this present age and society. All these attainments was done with his foot in the door in a civilized cum organized society in the United States of America.
Dr. Maduka having attained all these, still have the debt of gratitude to the society which gave him much. This he has done through his various verifiable humanitarian outreaches and act of unbridled philanthropy. He has changed the status of his pristine community as well as the sad stories of many people in and outside the country. He broke the bounds of limit in order to fill that indebtedness for his creator. He never relented both on his calling as an accomplished medical doctor and also an astute philanthropist of international repute, Okosisi Orumba decided to cue into the timeless words and visions of Kahlil Gibran which postulated that “you give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give yourself that you truly give”. Dr Maduka threw his hat on the ring in order to serve Ndi Anambra as the next Governor of Anambra State. It was not a mere coincidence or wishful thinking borne out of greed but a decision geared towards love for his people and the reason why God created and sustained him all through these years despite the adversities. While declaring for governorship ambitions late last year, Dr Maduka gained traction and was immediately accepted by the masses and the party’s ticket and the PDP faithfuls. He brought vigor to the then dwindling fortunes of the party and was a clear favorite to clinch the party ticket at June 26 PDP primary election held at Awka. But by the design of the mischievous elements and the gluttonous godfathers who wanted the abysmal status quo to remain, shamefully schemed out Dr Maduka at the primary election to the chagrin of his admirers, supporters, party Faithful and delegates within and outside our dear State knowing the type of distinguished personality that Dr. Maduka possessed, he will not be deterred by this minor man-made setbacks. He is passionate and as hungry as ever to wither all the storms in achieving his lofty dreams and divine seal of becoming the next Governor of Anambra State at the November 6 polls. Ndi Anambra, the man of Dr Maduka’s ilk and standing can never be relegated through any mischievousness and polo shenanigans. He has conquered his past and will definitely foist of Pyrrhic victory in the present unsavory political circumstances. The grand price is the revered governorship seat Agu Awka .

Ya gazie!


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