Risen Christ is hope that does not disappoint
– Pope Francis

  • Be your brothers keeper -Archbishop Val Okeke
  • Easter is an opportunity to renew your faith – Buhari
  • Let Christ rule your hearts – Obiano.

By Ononye VC
Easter is a very significant date within Christianity and is the foundation of the Christian faith.
It is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the tomb on the third day after his crucifixion,a fulfilment of the prophecy of the Messiah who would be persecuted,die for sins of mankind and rise on the 3rd day(Isaiah 53).
This year’s celebration to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ attracted goodwill messages from religious leaders,politicians and heads of governments around the world,calling for peace,love,unity and tolerance.
In his message,head of the Roman Catholic Church world wide,His Holiness Pope Francis said among others that ” The Risen Christ gives hope and comfort for those suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic,the sick and those who have lost loved ones”.He also prayed that the Lord might “sustain the valiant efforts of doctors and nurses”.
The Supreme Pontiff said,” The risen Lord is comfort for the unemployed and those suffering economic difficulties,the Pope said.He prayed that Christ might inspire public authorities to act so that everyone, especially families in greatest need,can be provided with help in order to avoid sliding into poverty,a sad reality the pandemic has dramatically worsened.
In his message, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Onitsha, Most Rev Valerian Okeke called on Nigerians to be their brother’s keepers.The Archbishop made the call as he celebrated his Easter Mass at the Onitsha Correctional Centre where he delivered food items worth several thousands of Naira for welfare of the inmates.
The Archbishop said,”my dear Brothers and Sisters, as we celebrate the Easter which is the feast of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, we recall that the Lord suffered and went to the Cross to liberate men from sin and death. Jesus accepted the Cross to save the human race. Jesus suffered and died to win eternal happiness for us who are his brothers and sisters. In other words, Jesus died to give us life. He died to be his brother’s keeper.
Today in Nigeria, there is too much violence, we battle with kidnappers, bandits, killer- herdsmen, Boko Haram insurgents, not to mention, political violence coming from those who see political office as do or die battle.
I hereby call on all Nigerians and all men and women of goodwill to be their brother’s and sister’s keeper. If you believe that there is only one God who created all human beings then stop killing others because they are your brothers and sisters. The blood of our brothers and sisters being killed by herdsmen, by bandits, by boko haram and kidnappers are crying to God for vengeance. If we want a glorious future, let us work for it today. If we want a better country let us be our brothers’ keeper.
I urge the government to look into our security structures. As the saying goes, if you build good walls around your house or your palace and fail to build the character of your gateman – if your gatemen are murderers and thieves then you are still living with the enemy in your palace, your beautiful walls notwithstanding. In the spirit of Easter, following the example of Christ who sacrificed himself to save mankind, let us make the necessary sacrifices to be our brother’s keeper. When we become our brother’s keeper, we will share in the victory of Christ who triumphed over suffering and death and rose from the dead. Again, Be your Brothers’ keeper”.
In his message,the Governor of Anambra State Chief (Sir)Willie Obiano,urged Christians to “Let Christ rule their hearts”.
He urged Christians to open up and allow Jesus Christ a free reign in their hearts this Easter and beyond.
According to Gov Obiano,the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has delivered eternal victory to mankind.
According to him,” when we allow Jesus to reign in our lives,we have allowed love,peace and happiness to dwell in our hearts.And when there is peace in our hearts,there will be peace in the world because only a peaceful People can create a peaceful world”,


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