Sterling Bank’s Offensive Easter Post And Exemplary Tolerance of Christians.

Recently,the Nigerian Christian community woke up to behold an offensive purported Easter Message from the management of Sterling Bank Nig.PLC to it’s numerous customers.
The message made a caricature of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ,comparing to a product not fit to mention here.
Expectedly,the useless message caught the attention of Christians world wide,sparking outrage and condemnation of the Sterling Bank management.
The post in all it’s form; on billboard,posters, flyers,email or social media was a deliberate and calculated mischief to ridicule Christians on a very important period of commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
This can be viewed from the angle that Sterling Bank has all it’s inclination on Muslim background.
For a corporate body that serves all segments of customers from diverse religious backgrounds,it is the height of insensitivity to descend so low or was it that all was not well with the bank.
Such reckless and irresponsible language disseminated to an already tense atmosphere could generate violence of serious dimensions.
It could have been a different matter if Christians disseminated such inglorious and sacrilegious message against other major religions.
This volatile conduct of Sterling Bank highlights the more,the tolerance and sacrifice of Christians in the face of all discriminations and adversities in the country.
We call on the relevant regulatory bodies to investigate this matter adequately and sanction those behind it.
That the management of Sterling Bank has tendered unreserved apology may not address the ridicule it earlier generated with the message.
They must learn to conduct their business with utmost care and professionalism.


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