Can we ever have peace again in Anambra?

The relative peace that started returning to Anambra State was shattered last Sunday when the convoy of Senator Ifeanyi Ubah was attacked in Enugwu-Ukwu, and about five lives were reportedly lost.

Senator Ubah’s convoy was ambushed at the scene and what looked like a Hollywood film trick soon turned into a reality and about five lives were lost.
The obvious target was Ifeanyi Ubah, but he escaped the bullets by the whiskers. This scary incident has brought back the ugly memory of a similar incident that happened to Governor Soludo where gunmen believed to be assassins attacked him at his hometown and killed his police escorts.

Many other gruesome killings have occurred in the state and the security agencies with the support of the state government have been doing reasonably well to contain the situation.

Whether it is the same gang that is behind this heinous and unabating bloodletting is a mystery!

One is agitated that with all the efforts of the security agencies to stem the tide of violence in the state, it is still rearing its ugly head in various dimensions.

But most agitating is the fact that whereas such targeted personalities have their own security personnel armed to the teeth, the assassins have the courage to challenge them and possibly kill or capture their target even if it means killing other innocent people around.

We condemn these unwarranted acts of violence and spilling of innocent blood as we’ve done several times in the past.

Many questions were asked as to the reason for this dastardly act.
Could it be politically motivated? Could it be a business deal gone sour? Or could it be a kidnap attempt on Senator Ifeanyi Ubah?

The police and other investigative authorities have a lot to do to unravel how these sophisticated guns and other weapons find their way into the wrong hands.

Citizens are surprised that in spite of several arrests claimed to have been made by the police, criminal elements are not served any deterrence.

The security agencies owe the good citizens some explanations on why the situation should be this bad. A scenario painted at this critical time is like the criminals and the law officers are playing hide and seek while the helpless citizens are being killed and wounded.
Unfortunately, law enforcement agents also lose their lives while these things play out.

For how long should it be so?

And the question on everyone’s lips remains, Can we ever have peace again in Anambra?


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