The Alleged Ban on Cow Meat By IPOB In South-East States.

It is widely circulated in the news that the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) has announced placing a ban on sale of cow species from the northern parts of the country other than the local (Igbo)species bred in the South East,from April 2022.
We think that this measure,directive or order is at variance, contradictory and inimical to the efforts being made by the various Igbo elders and elites to secure the release of the leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
From what has so far transpired on the Monday sit at home order, there’s no guarantee that the cow meat ban would not be counter productive as the sit-at-home.
We do not think that placing economic ban on our people would achieve the needed result of achieving independence for the IPOB.
The cow meat ban,will open a wide door for expensive beef across the Southeast.It will trigger smuggling of beef from other nearby states and a lot of our people would be starved and deprived of the necessary proteins required for good health.
The situation will also trigger upsurge in the price of fish such that the the cost will be beyond the reach of ordinary Igbo people.
There’s a tendency for our people to capitalise on issues to the detriment of others; to profiteer,cheat,hoard and take undue advantage.
We appeal to the IPOB to reconsider it’s position if it is true that it gave the order on cow meat.
Since the Monday sit-at-home order which the IPOB said it has stopped,the people have continued sitting at home on Mondays in spite of assurances by the IPOB for people to go about their businesses.
Miscreants have also capitalised on it to unleash mayhem on the people.
We appreciate the efforts of the IPOB on it’s continued efforts to counter the miscreants and condemnation of their neferious activities.
Parts of the Southeast is not getting better anymore.For instance,some of the markets and businesses are shifting to Delta State from where some of the Southeast states go for their businesses.
Such mass exodus of businesses to other states due to fear of insecurity in the Southeast is uncalled for and not in the interest of Ndigbo.
However,we call on Igbo elites and the government of Nigeria to hasten dialogue on release of the leader of the IPOB Maxi Nnamdi Kanu.
We do not think that his continued incarceration will guarantee the needed peace in the country particularly the Southeast.
There is need to address the issues of marginalisation and poor infrastructure as canvassed by the IPOB.
Once again,we call on the IPOB to reconsider it’s alleged derective on cow-meat-ban and continue with the path of dialogue.


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