The Debate on the proposed mass production of Keke tricycles in Anambra.

A vehicle manufacturing company is said to have proposed mass production of Keke tricycles in Anambra.
The news which circulated widely in the social and conventional media outlets was greeted with mixed feelings.
Some citizens especially residents in major cities of Anambra frowned at it while some approved of it.
While appraising the entire economic scenario in the country,the intension of the vehicle manufacturing industry to produce more Keke tricycles and also crash down the price was in good faith,to help the growing jobless army of youths.
Those arguing on the contrary feel that it is not the right thing to do as it portends great social and economic danger to the nation in terms of youth development.
We align with those who oppose mass production of Keke in any part of Nigeria.
We are all aware of the nuisance the drivers have become.In some major cities,they do not allow motorists to share the roads with them.They are indisciplined and reckless.They do not obey road signs and create confusion on the roads.
Provision of Keke to our youths do not signal enduring economic and social future for the country.
In a digital age that is driven by knowledge and advanced technology,we should encourage the youths to embrace education and technology and not Keke or motorcycle business.
In all Europe,the Americas and other civilised countries,such death traps as Keke were either outlawed or rejected as a means of transportation.
It is preferable for now,to begin a gradual phasing out of the Keke transportation system to enable our youths think of a decent means of livelihood.
Domination of our roads by the Keke mode of transportation tells a lot about the deficiency in our transport sector.There are no mega taxis and buses,there is virtually no better river transportation and railway system.
The Keke and Okada though an instant alternative to self employment did more harm than good because many of our youths abandoned education and skill acquisition that would enhance their development economically and socially.
The various states of the federation can key into partnership with foriegn transportation experts to fashion out better avenues for city transportation instead of our present anticlockwise situation.
In consideration of the fact that most of our roads are not motorable,provision of better vehicles for city transport instead of mass production of Keke cannot be over-emphasised.


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