The Rise In Ritual Killings Across The Country And The Need For An Emergency solution.

Recently,the Nigerian federal government ordered filmmakers to eschew money ritual contents in their movies.
The minister of Information and Culture,Alhaji Lai Mohammed,made this known during an official visit to a media house in Lagos.
The minister said that from the confession of some money ritual suspects,that they learnt the heinous act on social media which has boosted the resolve of the Federal Government to sanitize the social media.
We align with the federal government on it’s resolve to fight this ugly development which has become common place across the nation.It really calls for an emergency solution!
We think sadly, that the federal government realised it’s responsibility so late as to allow ritual killings to permeate the psyche of our people particularly the youths who are out to make quick money.
The government has its regulatory agencies like the Video and film Censors Board as well as the National Orientation Agency.But hardly did well meaning Nigerians know exactly what they were doing other than allegedly conniving with film makers to produce uncensored films and videos.
The lapses on the part of the regulatory agencies are the cause of the escalation of films and videos with such misleading,horrible and useless contents.
This development is a pointer that our general value system and moral disposition towards the sanctity of human life has degenerated badly.
Sadly,the regulating bodies have been playing along with producers who threw decency to the dogs.
Of what value is a video content which projects ritual killing as a money making super highway when in the actual sense,it is not true and also impracticable.
It is observed that most of the local films and videos circulating in the markets contain either money making rituals or primitive village scenarios that do not help in moral regeneration,youth development and general social development.
The federal government should not only be worried about ritual contents.There are so many other contents on reckless use of firearms,how robberies,kidnap and rape are perpetrated and also many other deceptive contents.All the deceptive contents are believed,copied and put into practice by the gullible.
Thesame thing applies to cultism which has bedeviled the school system.We cannot continue to fold our arms and watch generations of our youths perish.
The National Orientation Agency(NOA),the NTA and all electronic and print media in the country have a huge role to play.
An emergency declaration should be made for all government and private media organs to develop contents for immediate public enlightenment against ritual killings and other evils alike.
A stitch in time,saves nine.


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