Invasion of Ukraine:
Can President Putin Afford To Ignore Pope Francis ?

Pained by the premeditated, unjustified invasion and killing of innocent citizens in Ukraine by Russia led by President Valdmir Putin, head of the Catholic Church world wide, His Holiness,Pope Francis,recently broke protocol at the Russian Embassy in Rome,to personally drive home his resentment and appeal to Russia, to call off it’s unprovoked military action in Ukraine.
The Pope’s journey was both physical and spiritual.
He went as a father to plead for the weak and helpless Ukrainians,non Ukranians and many others trapped in the war as well as for innocent children,the old and women.
Pope Francis as the spiritual father of all,was in deep pain that souls were being lost because of vain pride of one man, Valdmir Putin.
Though the swollen headed President Putin did not give his ears to the Holy father,it is dawning on all particularly Mr Putin, that though he may have the force of arms,he has lost the war judging by the overwhelming condemnation of his folly in Ukraine.
Mr Putin is condemned by the entire world led by the United Nations and is being considered as one that has committed war crimes.
We stand with all voices of reason in condemning President Putin for his onslaught against innocent Ukranians.
Mr Putin’s behaviour falls below the present world order where dialogue and reconciliation have taken the lead rather than war.
Aggrieved countries can resort to diplomacy or approach international courts of justices for redress and not the crude methods of war and annihilation.
Pope Francis was right when he said,”I would like to appeal to everyone,believers and non-believers alike.Jesus taught us that the diabolical evil of violence is answered with the weapons of God,with prayer and fasting”.
Above veiled reference to Mr Putin is a spiritual dart over his unbelieve in God the creator of man.
It is encouraging that the Holy Father is personally following developments in Ukraine and has further observed that,”despite the diplomatic efforts over the past few weeks, increasingly alarming scenarios are opening up.Like me,many people throughout the world are feeling anguish and concern.Once again,the peace of the world is threatened by partisan interests…I would like all those who have the political responsibility to make a serious examination of conscience before God,who is the God of peace and not of war”,the Pope said.
In this regard,we call on all nations to sustain their solidarity with the Holy Father who increased the momentum of pressure on the recalcitrant Putin.
It is not possible President Putin will win this war.
The Pope has prayed!


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