Setting Agenda For Prof Soludo

As Professor Charles Chukwuka Soludo assumes office as the Executive Governor of Anambra State come 17th March 2022,Anambrarians expect an entire paradigm shift from the old experiment.
This is because,Soludo is not a stranger in the complex mix of the economics of management,having headed the apex bank in the country, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
Soludo also played on the international stage at the World Bank and many other international stages.
It is on that basis that Anambra people are banking on and having very high expectations on him.
The people of Anambra believe that something special has been missing since the democratic experiment in Anambra.That thing is quality governance devoid of lip service.
Anambra has not done admirably well in provision of public infrastructure.Thus, availability of quality public infrastructure affects the lives of the people positively and speaks good of the it’s availability is the true testimony that government is on duty.
In Anambra today,we need good quality and well paved roads; we need better refuse disposal and environmental management system;we need portable water and the likes.
The incoming Soludo government must begin with tackling the monster of revenue touts in Anambra state.
Revenue touts in the state are said to be agents of officials of governments who are given revenue windows on contract to collect money for the government while the real staff of the Internal revenue board idle away in their offices.
Billions of state money go into few private hands daily while the state government is cash strapped and cannot do enough for the generality of the citizens.
Revenue touts have become a huge problem in the state.They way-lay motorists on the roads and issue all kinds of illegal tickets to the gullible.They go about their illegal business with maximum force and brutality,intimidating and harassing motorists.
The same thing goes on in various parks and markets.Citizens who go to the market to buy commodities are harassed and extorted by criminals who operate in broad day and are not apprehended.
Something serious has to be done quickly to stem the ugly tide.
Soludo must look into youth development and empowerment.This has become very critical and urgent owing to the increasing number of idle youths.The idle mind is the devil’s workshop.
Due to idleness,many youths are attracted to drug and sexual abuse,stealing and brigandage.
Anambrarians do not wish that we continue like that.
We need to point out here that the incoming administration of Soludo should activate the state ministry of environment to tackle the multifarious environmental problems in the state.
Anambra appears to be the noisiest state with religious organisations and individuals mounting loudspeakers indiscriminately and disturbing residential neighborhoods.
The environmental ministry should brace up to tackle indiscriminate erection of illegal structures and poor refuse disposal.Our cities are terribly dirty.
Soludo must hit the ground running as he collects the leadership mantle from Obiano.
He must bring his Dubai-Africa- Taiwan mantra to practicality in Anambra.This is the time.
A lot of eyes are on Soludo to make a Big Difference.


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