Obiano’s Media Trial And Lessons of Public Office.

It was really an anti climax for the immediate past governor of Anambra State Chief Willie Obiano when on his exit immediately after the inauguration of his predecessor,Professor Charles Soludo,he was intercepted by officials of the anti corruption agency,the EFCC at the airport.
Prior to that,it was reported that the anti graft agency had placed Obiano on their watch list for reasons unknown to many.
Following his interception and detention,Nigerians settled for the trial of the former governor in the media while no charges have been pressed against him.
The worst scenario came when one of the officials stole a shot on Obiano while wearing boxer pants as he was being grilled by a man believed to be an operative.
The video caused serious concerns as to the appropriateness of the entire saga.
Many had begun to think that arrest of Obiano and circulation of such disgusting video was a deliberate attempt to embarrass the ex Governor.
Otherwise why would such treatment meted to him fall below civilised norms as if they operate in the jungle.
There could have been many ways to arrest him even right at his home and treat him with respect instead of humiliating him the way we saw.
Our anti graft agencies should improve on their modus operandi so that their conduct would become exemplary and in line with civilised norms.
Governance is a collective responsibility.The governed are part of the deal in running affairs of the state.They are stakeholders.
If as it is deliberately being peddled about that Obiano’s regime was a failure,it is a reflection of bad followership.
Ex Governor Willie Obiano may have failed in some aspects just as other mortals,that would not necessitate his being humiliated the way it happened.
In fairness to him,Obiano executed some landmark projects like the Awka flyovers,the Cargo airport,the lnternational Conference Center,some roads and bridges.
He also performed in education and made reasonable input in agriculture.
It should be noted by all and sundry that the EFCC did not secure any conviction against Chief Obiano not to talk of pressing any charge against him before a competent court of law.
The EFCC conduct was like a mob action calculated to paint Obiano black.
We do not absolve Obiano from any wrong doing but he deserves to be treated with respect.
The EFCC should make public the name of the official who posted the video in question public.
It is not enough to say that the official is being disciplined otherwise there is no guarantee that it will not happen to anyone else.
If the former governor committed any offence,the anti graft agency should let the world know otherwise,they had no justification for what they did against the former governor even if he committed a crime.
Altogether,the entire scenario is a lesson to public office holders.


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