There is a heightened call by Nigerians of all persuasions for restructuring of the country as a solution to the myriad political and economic problems besetting the country.
Almost all ethnic groups and political associations are clamouring for one change or the other.
During the past military regimes,the same clamour rented the air.
Many regional sections of the country raised sentiments of marginalisation and deprivation and called for creation of more States and local government.
As a result, the military created more States scaling it up to 36 States while local government areas were also scaled up to a whooping 774 LGAs across the country,all to bring government closer to the people and to satisfy their yearnings and aspirations.
In the East for instance,there is still agitation for a better attention from the federal government in terms of infrastructure and general well being of the people.
We have weighed all these options and think that what Nigerians needed most urgently is Moral Restructuring.
Good morals devoid of corruption and impunity are the very essential ingredient which generate good governance.
The problem of Nigeria is not physical or geographical restructuring.It will amount to a wild goose chase if we continue with geographical restructuring while the same corruption and ineptitude remain with us.It will continue to eat deep into the fabric of governance and corrupt politicians would continue with their game.
Many Nigerians have not come to terms with the fact that the main problem of Nigeria is Corruption.
Nigerians have had to contend with corrupt politicians and leadership.
There is Corruption in the military, the police,the church(religion)the judiciary,the legislature and the civil service.
The reason we have been in this mess and may never come out of it in time is because Nigerians have put morality and good conscience on the back seat.
Churches are springing up everywhere but there is no morality and salvation coming out from there.
The political class does not have the people in mind other than cheating and reducing them to begging and desperation.
There is hardly any better initiative to create jobs and employ the teeming youths who are vulnerable to crime and criminality.
When governors conspire and emasculate the judiciary, the local government system and the state legislature when they do not have the constitutional powers to do so,are we expected to move forward and carry along the people ?
When governors fail to apply their security votes to secure their States and the spiralling insecurity continues while laws are not obeyed or enforced,what really can we make of it.
The challenge we have is our inability to do the right and exercise our moral and constitutional duties as they ought to be.
This inability by our leaders and the political class to do the needful is obviously the link with insecurity, brigandage, anger on the faces of Nigerians,kidnappings,murder,insurgency etc.
Many Nigerians who clamour for disintegration of Nigeria do not hold their Governors accountable.The governors hide a lot about the money they receive or generate in their States.Many Nigerian citizens do not know about the huge sums of money allocated to States and local governments from the federal for the benefit of the people.These monies are frittered away and they wait for another Allocation from the federal government.
If such huge sums of money are judiciously put into use,there would have not been the uproar about marginalisation or restructuring.
Our attitude to work and lack of sincerity all contribute to the national malaise we find ourselves today.
Let us therefore seek Moral Restructuring first before the geographical or physical restructuring.


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