The “3rd Force” is a relatively new socio/political movement piloted by the likes of Prof Pat Utomi,a renowned educationist,social scientist and political activist.It is a mass movement which has championed various socio-economic issues especially on how to salvage the Nigerian Nation from economic and political doldrums.
With the 2023 national election drawing close,the 3rd Force has found a fertile ground to plant it’s noble initiatives from where it would in partnership with the ordinary Nigerians launch out it’s objectives to create a better nation.
Such fertile ground is it’s recent alliance with Nigeria’s Labour Party where Professor Pat Utomi and former governor of Anambra State Mr Peter Obi migrated to use the Labour Party to project their ideology and noble ideals for a better Nigeria.
Providentially,Mr Peter Obi and Prof Pat Utomi have been apostles of change and the duo have clamoured relentlessly for a paradigm shift on the way the way Nigerian nation is run.
During his reign as the governor of Anambra State,Obi was known for his prudence and tight fiscal discipline and achievement which touched almost all sectors of the state economy.
Peter Obi’s defection to the Labour Party with his like mind,Professor Pat Utomi,synchronises with the general believe by ordinary Nigerians and it is massively welcomed by all and sundry.
Mr Peter Obi’s defection from his former party,the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) afforded him the opportunity to give Ndigbo of South East extraction the near elusive sense of achievement in contesting the Presidency of Nigeria come 2023 general election.
Under the present Nigerian dispensation,the Igbo nation has accused those in power, particularly the North of marginalisation.
This marginalisation came in various forms in terms of poor federal infrastructure and federal appointments.
There’s no doubt that the present agitation for cessation by groups like the IPOB,MASSOB and the rest are pointers to the perceived injustice done to the Igbo nation.
Already, hopes are being raised that the Labour Party under President Obi would address national burning issues like insecurity, unemployment and restore People’s confidence in government if elected.
This same view is echoed by various groups across the country.
The Movement for Election of Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction led by Mr Vincent Ezekwueme, extolled Obi’s emergence as Labour Party Presidential candidate saying it has rekindled hope of actualisation of Nigeria President of Igbo extraction.
We align with the wide opinion that the emergence of the “3rd Force”and Mr Peter Obi’s Presidential bid under the Labour Party is a worthy alliance to highlight the cause of the Igbo struggle to be in the scheme of things.
Other political parties especially the APGA may wish to join this noble struggle.


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