Paul Chika Emekwulu

Some natural phenomena in our physical world can be described mathematically.These include the distance traveled by a moving object, the path traced by an object thrown in the air, the speeds of two cars traveling in opposite directions, the distance traveled by an object dropped from a height, the amount of force needed to drag an object up or down a hill and so on.Now the same physical world is governed by two forces – _good and evil._ These two forces interact at unequal amounts (Psalm 52:3, John 3:19). The good comprises of good thoughts and bad thoughts while the evil comprises of evil thoughts and evil actions.These two forces can be considered further under four sub-headings as follows:(a). When the world is pervaded by evil _(b) When the world is pervaded by goodness_ (c) When good and evil are equal _(d). When good and evil exist side by side unequally._Whereas the first three are assumptions (utopian), the last is a social reality, the ideal world we live in. Both the assumptions and the social reality can all be represented by linear equations in mathematics says Paul Chika Emekwulu, an Igbo Language activist, an international best-selling author, and author of several books including _The ‘GPS’ of the Holy Bible_, _Mathematical Explorations for Advanced Students,_ _When spell your name in Igbo is equivalent to spell your Igbo name in Igbo_ – A Mathematical Slant etc.Paul Emekwulu, who is also a professional speaker as well as the author of _Getting to know Fibonacci numbers_ and _Getting to know Triangular numbers_ said that he described his four equations on _good_ and _evil_ in his unpublished manuscript titled, _The Mathematics of good and evil_Paul also has other equations to his credit. One of them among others is how to utilize triangular numbers (1, 3, 6, 10, 15…) to find the number of diagonals in an n-sided polygon, and how to convert the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5…) to unique, single triangular numbers.Now having looked at these other equations what else can be said about these equations representing good and evil? Quite a lot!These equations on good and evil were found to be consistent with Psalm 52:3 and John 3:19 where the word of God says that we love lies more than truth and evil more than goodness respectively.We aren’t perfect individuals. We can only have a perfect society when the individuals that make up that society are perfect. No society in history has ever sought for a perfect society for there is none.Had we had a perfect society, the only equation we would have had is that representing goodness. We all have to therefore strive for a type of society where, if represented by a beam balance with the fulcrum at the center, left and right representing good and evil, all we can do is, through our words and deeds move the fulcrum towards the left in order to shrink evil . When that is being done, another name for such is a better society. May that come to pass through our individual and collective efforts. In Jesus Name. Amen..

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