By Nna Anulumadu

As the Anambra gubernatorial election draws closer, the Commissioner for Basic Education Anambra state Prof Kate Omenugha last Saturday, urged the good people of Anambra and others residing in the state to vote for Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo as the next governor of the state.

The commssioner who made the call while fielding questions from Trinitas correspondent, stated that Anambra governorship seat is not for neophytes or for people who will come practice but exclusively for someone who is tested and trusted, disclosing that such candidate is no other person than the former governor Central Bank of Nigeria ( CBN) Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo who is currently the flag bearer All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

According to her Prof Soludo understands the nitty- gritty of governance and what it is to be in public service. ” Without mincing word, he has the pedigree to take the state to an unprecedented height. Looking at his legacies and what he has done, his international visibility, his consultancy to international and world bodies you will understand that Soludo is the person Ndi Anambra should give their mandate.

‘ Take for example what he did at the central bank when he was the governor of CBN. We all know when our money simply disappeared from the banks in the name of being distressed. It was only Prof Charles Soludo who was bold enough to talk about consolidation. People thought they were going to kill him or it may be business as usual. He gave people that believe and confidence in the banking sector. Starting from that time, till now people can now put money in the bank without fear of losing their hard earned money to bank distress. Why is it that some people are yet to recognize that outstanding legacy of Soludo?

‘World bodies have consulted him and he brought sanity in many economies around the world. Why won’t we recognize that stuff he was made of. This is no longer business as usual and this is no longer the time to just bring money from Abuja and share because there is no money to share agaain. Fedral allocation has falling down to practically nothing and all we hear is about oil boom. Unfortunately oil has no such value in the international market today. So there is no money again. This is the time to think outside the box. This is the time to think creatively and Soludo has that capacity to leapfrog the economy of the state to enviable height. He can connect the State to international bodies that can turn Anambra State into Dubai of Africa.

‘ This is not the time for people who are neophytes. This is the time for people who have been tested and trusted. People who know the game and they are ready to lift Anambra to higher pedestrian and Anambra cannot accept anything less. This is not the time to come and practice. This is time to deliver; hit and run immediately. Governor Obiano has consolidated and this is time to move from the place we are to where we supposed to be. Anambra has witnessed good governance over the time. Obiano consolidated on the gains of past administrations and it is time Soludo turns the state into Dubai of Africa if voted to power,” she reiterated.

The commissioner futher stated that the state is lucky to have Prof Soludo as Chairman of vision 2070 ( 50 years of Anambra development plans), explaining that Soludo has been thinking where will Anambra State be in the next 50 years vis a vis in education, technology, communication etc. ” He has been thinking beyond where we are to 50 years. Therefore you can imagine what he would do in the next eight years to make it happen. A lot of thinking has gone in. It is like governor Obiano saw tomorrow when he was appointing Soludo Chairman of that vision 2070. So this is not the time some governorship candidates will wake and say they are doing manifesto whereas such has been going on in Soludo’s head before now . I am only asking Ndi Anambra to give opportunity to this vision as to be crytalised into reality.”

On the allegations that Prof Soludo didn’t remember Anambrarians whe he was governing CBN, Pof Omenugha debunked the allegations as lies, disclosing that Soludo did a lot for Anambrarians including attracting CBN branch in the state, attracting construction of some roads in the state, adding that he gave jobs to a whole lot of people in Anambra.


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