By Nna Anulumadu

On the high rate of moral decay among the young people and its remote consequences , the president Catholic Women Organization SS Peter & Paul Parish Nkutaku, Mrs Patricia Azike penultimate Sunday called on parents to guide and monitor their children on the use of social media.

Mrs Azike who made the call while fielding questions from the press during a pastoral visit to her parish attributed the rising rate of rape and its sister crimes to social media content that exposes the young ones to unwholesome things ranging from porn pictures, pornographic videos to morally debased materials not meant for their age.

According to her, social media provide good information, facilitate easy communication and exchange of information but not all the content are good for the young people.

She further advised parents not be in a hurry to buy android phones for their children as that is spelling doom for most children nowadays. ” Your child must reach a certain age at least 18 and above before you can allow him or her own an android phone otherwise, you may end up destroying that child.

“Monitor your children while they sleep together in the night, because some may go on practicing immoral acts they were exposed to accidentally or deliberately during the day.”


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