Best essence and existence in the mind of the Creator
My first parents fell out of the wiles of Satan
You came to crush the enemy called Satan
My salvation journey began with you as important actor

Chosen and known by name centuries before her birth
A virgin shall conceive and bear a son on earth
So the prophets foretold with hope your coming
Because my Saviour through you will be coming

The pregnancy of a virgin puts the husband in crisis
The angel came to prevent the union from ending in pieces
So when you said yes to God’s message
Your husband yes to that put him into royal lineage

You suffered taking the God child to Egypt for safety
Because of a King lost in power and envy
A mother who cares for my soul
By guarding the saviour of my soul

When it was time for purification
you brought with joy your saviour to temple
And received with calm the message that made you tremble
From the prophet who seeks not adulation

You felt piercing of soul at the loss of your child
The joy of founding him eclipsed at a response so wild
Like a mother in silence you accept
What the child has been destined to reject

And so my saviour having being tutored by an obedient Mother
Takes all who obey God’s word to be her mother
And brother and sister
Making all have opportunity to share in the blessings given to his lover

And for love of me your son left your love
For love of me you followed your son
And received his most beloved student
Having allowed your son to test death because of love

Your patient suffering made you take the dead body
Of the one you love and gave us alive
So that life might reach to everybody
And all will see reasons to survive

My mother you are awesome
In crisis I called you and you answered
Covered me with your maternal protection
In death be near me and take me to the heart of
You son your loved so much
And be sure I will forever call you blessed

Come and see my kind mother
She is most beautiful of all Mothers
She is born today
That I may be born forever in heaven
Happy Birthday My Beloved Mother Mary!

Fr. Emmanuel Chijioke Ogbuowelu.


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