By Nna Anulumadu

A philanthropist Chief Emeka Nwolisa last week described the recent hike in pump price of fuel and electricity tariff by the federal government of Nigeria as untimely.

Chief Nwolisa who is popularly known as Ichie Otabilionye I of Awka Etiti ( Eze Ego) argued that government shouldn’t have added money to fuel pump price since the citizens of the country are yet to recover from Covid19 lockdown that inflicted poverty on many Nigerians.

” Today many have people lost their jobs because of the prolonged Covid19 pandemic. Even traders are not finding it funny. Prices of commodities are on the high side, still, the federal government went on increasing the pump price and electricity tariff.” “We urge Buhari’s administration to consider the plight of the common man and reverse the price of petrol pump price and electricity tariff back to the old prices as that will be the highest palliative the government can offer to her citizens now”.


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