By Nna AnulumaduThe parish priest St Albert de Great Oraukwu Rev Fr Joseph Ogechukwu Nwankwo last Sunday urged people of God not to relent in showing unconditional love to one another which the existence of the Holy Trinity teaches us. According to him, the Trinity teaches us about love that should have no conditions.His words : ” Love should be understanding. Love should be accommodating. Love should be selfless. Love should be humble. Yes, it should be all these because it sees nothing except the good of the beloved and the perfection of the beloved. In this comedy of love, the participants are not two, but three: the lover, the beloved and the love between the lover and the beloved. These three glow in splendour about their love, uniquely, completely, unitedly and eternally. Call it the Trinitarian Beauty!Also, the Trinity teaches us about understanding our differences and our inequalities as strength and power. Three Persons, One in Essence: that is the Trinity. Differences in our religion, our ethnicity, our positions and our cultures should not dichotomise us. It should not create out of us bitter enemies to one another. However, our diversities could only turn us into victims of jealousy and envy if we do not appreciate the uniqueness of one another and glow in them. Pride, greed, mindless love of wealth and the deification of the self have contributed in no small measure in blurring of our sights about the true greatness in appreciating our God-given differences. Trinity calls our attention to this point and urges us to borrow a leaf ( from HIM).””Finally, though not exhaustively, the Trinity teaches us about Communion. Someone once said, “because for the christian, God is not a lonely God, but rather a Communion of three Persons. Faith leads human being into the divine communion. One cannot however, have a self-enclosed communion with the Triune God-a “foursome”, as it were-for the christian God is not a private Deity ( capitalization of deity is mine). Communion with this God is at once communion with those others who have entrusted themselves in faith to the same God. Hence, one and the same act of faith places a person into a new relationship both with God and with all others who stand in communion with God” ( Miroslav Volf: After our Likeness: The Church as the image of the Trinity). We are created to live in communion and hence complementarily fulfill one another. Communion is unity of purpose. Communion translates to unity of reason and unity of will. And we are united in will and purpose, we are more disposed to appreciate who we are, maintain a stable and happy marriage and built a more united family. Surely, when we live in true communion, we encounter one another in the most honest brokenness and intimately connected peculiarities as well as disparities. Hence, we are more able to understand one another deeply, appreciate our differences and help each other grow, heal, adapt and become better ,both individually and collectively. In truth, it is within the Communion of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, that love is deeply understood. Love is Communion and Communion is love. Let us strive in the imitation of the Trinity to love God beyond and above everything else and to love our fellow human being, immediately next. Let us endeavour to live beyond the influence of money and wealth. For if we fail to do that, as many, unfortunately, have, these wicked decisions against our collective heritage would hunt us more, sooner than later.As our society swims in the scandal of dollarization of our future, ( by our worst enemies in the mould of politicians) let the lessons of the Trinity urge and encourage us to swim against the current.”


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