By Ononye VC
This pathetic incident claimed the life of a middle aged woman popularly called Mama Ijeoma who was trapped inside her two story apartment.
With billows of smoke driving her backwards as she tried to escape through the staircase,she ran back and tried to jump from the balcony. But the raging fire with speed of lightning had encircled the entire house.

She had no option but to plunge from that height into the fire already ravaging the ground floor.She was consumed !!
Mama Ijeoma was said to have initially escaped the inferno.

She was said to have forgotten something very important. Sir VC Ononye reports that when she allegedly ran back to collect the item after helping her ailing husband to escape,she met her doom.
The fire was said to have started Thursday midnight.By the time a combination of fire men and their trucks arrived,many houses had already been torched.

Goods and buildings worth over one billion Naira were burnt to ashes.Keke tricycles, cars and warehouses were not spared.When I visited the scene,one of the victims Madam Edith gave thanks to God that she escaped with her child and husband with nothing to fall back on.The same story goes with other victims.

Traders who lost their wares were seen discussing their fate.
They pleaded with the government and kind spirited individuals to come to their aid.


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